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Let your imagination soar
File 15161204975.jpg - (26.77KB , 726x252 , triforce languages.jpg )
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While a small majority of our visitors' mother tongue is English we are as international a community as it gets, and sometimes one cannot fully express himself in a foreign language.

I'd therefore like to welcome any Deutsch, Español, Français, Pу́сский, Português, Italiano, Nihongo, Nederlands, Polszczyzna, Svenska, čeština, Magyar, Norsk, Suomi, Roumanian, Slobæk, or Hànyǔ authors to publish in their own language in /story/ if they are fine with limiting their audience.

Also don't forget that just like posting in /mir/ doesn't require you be the photographer, posting in /story/ doesn't require you to be the author. So feel free to share good spoils whether written by you or found online.

Update: Now you can upload PDF & DOC & RTF & TXT files to /story/

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>> No. 3
Also, what should the posting format be? Link to a text file, RAR, PDF?

Perhaps, a paragraph in the message field, then full text in TXT, RTF, or PDF format would be better than posting the entire story in the message field. That would be a PITA to try and browse.


>> No. 27
File 151646219048.jpg - (11.93KB , 289x199 , 2steps.jpg )
If you want to upload both an image and a story file (because say the story is too big for the text field) you can either upload the file to an external host or simply create the first post with the image attached and then make a reply with the attached story file.
>> No. 51
File 151688922729.jpg - (209.20KB , 1200x1600 , P3120064.jpg )
For Triforcers with vivid imagination we have applied a large chatbox at /story/ for roleplaying. If you guys find it too intrusive or we found very few people playing we'll remove it.

Update: Fantasy lovers can also roleplay in normal threads. It would be akin to writing a story together, one post at a time. It may not even be necessarily for the same people starting the story to be the ones ending it!

>> No. 104
File 151847922342.jpg - (35.41KB , 473x470 , 151749006646.jpg )
At the risk of getting some spam in /story/ we have unscreened it, meaning your posts will appear automatically without waiting for mod approval.

File 152177010488.jpg - (274.43KB , 768x1260 , pedoland1 (Medium).jpg )
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>> No. 226
File 152177016170.jpg - (287.35KB , 768x1260 , pedoland1En (Medium).jpg )

File 151767993123.jpg - (38.16KB , 550x375 , Tattoo-Ideas-For-My-Son.jpg )
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Got a bunch of short incest fantasy fixes with text-to-speech audio along with them.

Got yer Mom-son, Daddy-daughter, brother-sister and other possible combinations. With themes involving impregnation, sub to the parent, inter-family marriage, one or two genderbendings and other kinky filth like that. I like to keep things around 10-20 sentences long.

Let me know if any of them managed to rock your boat.
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>> No. 98
05 - Dad - daughter. (Girls voice almost always in this lineup)

Daddy's cock has never felt sweeter. As he lifted me up and down his shaft, I was both full and wanting. I could now take all of him inside of me. Completely stretched to my limits. I looked at him both terrified and craving, afraid to push myself further, begging for him to push me. He was the one who knew about sex, he made me. I am just a toy in his arms, naked for him, letting him do this to me, jumping up and down as his dick just to get it deeper. I'm screaming on the inside. My heart is beating crazy because we both know the moment is coming. The moment when he will grab me painfully tight and push me as hard as he can. He will moan and want me to go as fast as I can. Oh Daddy, this is the moment you are closest to me. This is the only moment that I can control how much pleasure I can give you, that's why I give you my all. For a split second, all the world is silent, and I feel you shooting up in me. You moan like crazy from the pleasure I'm giving you. And all the house can hear my ass slapping on your crotch as you moan for more. I take all of you in me. Every drop of your precious sperm is now inside me. You are in me now, I am your woman, your girl Daddy. And I will keep you safe in me as you always made me feel safe. Finishing inside me leaves you so tired, so weak and vulnerable. Hide in me Daddy! When this goes away you can fuck me again, over and over as much as you'd like. I'm yours Dad, I love you.
>> No. 99
06 - Daddy - daughter. (begging)

I have never gotten over this, Dad. I still want you. You've been using me for sex ever since I was a little girl. I can't just stop now and pretend that it didn't happen. It did daddy. I know I've hated you a lot for doing this to me, but I need you to do it again. Please Daddy, this time it will be different. You're not gonna be hurting me, you're gonna be enjoying me. That's what you wanted all these years, we belong together. Sex is good with you. I don't care that it's wrong, it doesn't matter that I'm your daughter, I'm a woman. You became my man when you first fucked me, I was too young but I forgive you, I just want to be with you again.
>> No. 100
07- Dad & daughter (anal)

Dad pushed his penis into my ass. He slowly stretched me, making sure that it didn't hurt me. I was in heaven. My legs were wide open and my ass was up in the air, both my hands pulling my to further open for him. I was lost in the clouds and the only thing that could bring me back was the feeling of his cock sliding into me. Keep going Dad, keep pushing as I rub my clitoris to a screaming orgasm.
>> No. 101
08 - daughter solo. (listening in on parents)

I can hear mom and dad having sex in the other room. She is moaning loud. Apparently she is enjoying it. God I wish that I was there in her place, taking in Dad's cock. It should be my ass slapping on his body, should be me who he puts it into. It's not fair Mother. You and Dad have had all the sex in the world, why can't I have it too. Why can't you let Dad do me as he does you every night. Each time I hear them, I can't stop myself from getting aroused. They're having sex not even 5 feet away from me. But they lock the door to keep me out, why? Why do you do this to me. All I have left is to masturbate to the sound of my parents having sex, wishing that it was me they were having it with. Mommy, why can't you let me have this? Stop showing me how good it feels for you, think about me for a second. I need to have him too. We can share I know we can figure it out. Oh why, why won't you let me enter, let me watch, anything. Please, I need to get fucked so bad right now.
>> No. 224
File 15217613072.jpg - (1.06MB , 2857x1440 , asd.jpg )

File 151654341581.jpg - (73.28KB , 450x600 , 053.jpg )
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...el riesgo era más que temerario, era absurdo.
- Nata, mi amor…
- ay, dime que no te gusta…
- ¡ja! Es que ese el problema.
- Y eso es justamente lo que yo quiero.
- Qué, ¿que nos descubran?
- No, profe. Quiero que se te pare otra vez.

Hola. A los hispanohablantes que visitan esta familia de páginas, un saludo y la bienvenida a mis relatos.

Aquí está el primero que les comparto:

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 223

File My_Life_As_A_Sex_Slave.doc - (89.00KB , My Life As A Sex Slave.doc )
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A young redhead is kidnapped, raped and tortured. Then she finds out who is her next master.

File Missy's_misfortune_ch_1.doc - (161.00KB , Missy's misfortune ch 1.doc )
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Synopsis: A very shy, innocent young girl ask for help from her guidence counsellor. Instead, gets led to a unknown world of female slavery
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>> No. 217
File Missy's_Misfortune_ch_3.doc - (130.00KB , Missy's Misfortune ch 3.doc )
>> No. 218
File Missy's_misfortune_ch_4.doc - (188.00KB , Missy's misfortune ch 4.doc )
>> No. 219
File Missy's_misfortune_ch_5.doc - (134.50KB , Missy's misfortune ch 5.doc )
>> No. 220
File Missy's_misfortune_ch_6.doc - (162.50KB , Missy's misfortune ch 6.doc )
>> No. 221
File Missy's_misfortune_ch_7.doc - (234.00KB , Missy's misfortune ch 7.doc )

File Sancia_and_Claire_ch_1_bdsmlibrary.doc - (46.50KB , Sancia and Claire ch 1 bdsmlibrary.doc )
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Synopsis: Poor high-school student Sancia never thought anyone else would see her sketchbook of dark desires. But her sadistic classmate Claire likes what she sees, and as the two girls dangerously explore their new reality, young Sancia will discover how it feels to live out beyond her deepest dreams...and her worst nightmares
>> No. 214
File Sancia_and_Claire_ch_2.doc - (58.50KB , Sancia and Claire ch 2.doc )
Synopsis: Poor high-school student Sancia never thought anyone else would see her sketchbook of dark desires. But her sadistic classmate Claire likes what she sees, and as the two girls dangerously explore their new reality, young Sancia will discover how it feels to live out beyond her deepest dreams...and her worst nightmares

File Dylans_Dungeon_ch_1_bdsmlibrary.txt - (14.68KB , Dylans Dungeon ch 1 bdsmlibrary.txt )
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File 152016018512.jpg - (8.53KB , 183x275 , IMG-20180116-WA0057.jpg )
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Sentados al final de las gradas tomados de las manos, Jorge seca las lágrimas de Anita explicándole por qué no pueden seguir con la relación secreta que los unió hace casi un año.

Anita, te amo con todas mis fuerzas, pero debes entenderme, tus padres nunca entenderían nuestro amor y yo iría a la cárcel -
Pero profe… no importa que yo esté terminando el último nivel de natación. Yo puedo escaparme e ir a su apartamento -
Es peligroso amor mío, ya no tendremos una excusa firme para vernos -
Siento que muero… profe… puedo escribirle? -
Cuando quieras -

Se despiden, Jorge observa a Anita alejarse y en su mente recuerda la primera vez que vió el desnudo y trémulo cuerpo de aquella niña.

Con traumas por su sobrepeso, se sentía fea y con tan baja autoestima fue presa fácil para el entrenador quien dándole un trato preferencial y palabras que aliviaban su soledad, con piropos y cariño logró enamorarla. Anita no era bonita, era gordita y carecía de gracia, pero era la única que tenía el perfil de “niña seducible”. A pesar de llevar meses teniendo sexo con Jorge 2 días a la semana, la niña siempre fue torpe en las posiciones y sus mamadas eran aburridas, pero era suficiente para Jorge. No cualquiera puede decir que tiene una amante que apenas le está apareciendo vello púbico.

Satisfecho, respira profundo balanceandose con los talones y da media vuelta, su mirada se topa con Laura quien camina hacia él.

A diferencia de Anita, Laura posee un hermoso cuerpo que con sólo 10 años puede producir erecciones a cualquier hombre. La niña se detiene frente a Jorge y le pregunta:
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 171
please continue!
>> No. 179
¡pobre anita!
>> No. 199
File 152155147864.jpg - (303.34KB , 2560x1440 , Laura-wallpapers5.jpg )
Miss Bugorskaya!

File 152100381891.jpg - (56.80KB , 720x960 , ella.jpg )
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Ya con todas sus cosas cargadas en su camioneta, Rubén se detiene en la puerta del apartamento, ha vivido allí durante 15 años desde que se casó, hasta hoy.

Con una mirada y en silencio, se despide de su esposa cuando aparece Alicia, su hija de 12 años quien llorando lo abraza.

Su esposa le pidió el divorcio al estar convencida que Rubén la engaña con una amante, el hombre sale del apartamento y la niña le pide a la mamá que le permita acompañar a su papá hasta el estacionamiento. Padre e hija bajan en silencio dentro del ascensor hasta el sótano, Rubén abre la puerta del asiento trasero y entra después de la niña. Sollozando y secándose las lágrimas, Alicia baja la bragueta del pantalón de su papá y saca el ya erecto pene, abre la boca y antes de meterse casi todo el inmenso miembro de su padre, murmura:

Te voy a extrañar papi -
Suspirando profundamente Rubén disfruta en silencio mientras piensa lo doloroso que será estar lejos de su amante de 12 años.
>> No. 198
I love it when I fuck lil girl age 7 yr and she loves it

File 152114635670.jpg - (128.90KB , 800x758 , Beth L.jpg )
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"Spread your Barbie dolls out on the sand and play with them," Cathy
told her baby sister as the 16-year-old blonde took off on a lope
across the beach. "I'll be back later!"
>> No. 197
File Little_Beth's_Boyfriends.txt - (200.24KB , Little Beth's Boyfriends.txt )

File 152108298445.jpg - (23.32KB , 480x810 , 23131818_517969315230467_953207071600953980_n.jpg )
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She is my neighbor, she is 13 years old and I want her intensely. I have masturbated looking at her secretly from my window, I dream that I kiss her whole body and make her feel rich orgasms kissing her infant vagina. I'm crazy about her.
>> No. 195
File 152108306231.jpg - (63.99KB , 960x960 , 16508454_389175581443175_6816256751767511899_n.jpg )

File 152108159691.jpg - (71.94KB , 800x489 , katy-dreams-set22-41 b.jpg )
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"Letters from the Kissing Tree"
by Darius Raedan


So, how’s college and stuff? Bet you’re super busy and all. It’s so quiet around here without you. Though it’s so nice to have the room all to myself now, ha ha.

Can you believe it’s already been two years since your Dad married my Mom? Crazy, right? Mom couldn’t believe I wanted to write you an actual letter, she was all like, “remember how you two hated each other at first? And now look, we’re totally a complete family now” and all that. Like that’s true but it’s so much more than that, which our parents could never imagine.

But yeah, I miss you a lot.

Remember that little field on the way to school? I’ll never forget how scared I was the day you caught me here. I had been skipping school so much, and you decided to be all big brother and find out what I was up to. I still don’t know why you bothered. I mean, our parents only got married like a month before that, we didn’t know each other at all really. So I figured you were just gonna tell on me.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 193
Like, I never would have expected what happened next.


You were so sweet, telling me not to cry, promising you won’t tell on me. I was shaking, I was so scared, so ashamed.

And then you wiped away my tears, sat me down, and we had that long talk about how it’s perfectly natural and nothing to be ashamed of and all that… I mean, I was totally not expecting that, you know?

The next morning, I was so confused when you took me back here instead of walking me to school.

And then you sat me down and explained to me that I was a healthy, growing girl and I needed to take care of my body every day. And so did you. And we couldn’t really do that at home. We were sharing a room and it didn’t even have a door yet, they were still fixing it up, remember? It sucked.

So we made a deal: we’d come here together and do it here, together. And it would be safer for me, too, coz you were right there sitting on the other side of that big tree so we couldn’t see each other. But we both knew what we were doing. Sometimes we could just about hear each other breathing while we took care of ourselves, sitting there, our backs to the tree, the tree between us.

You were so quiet, though. On really still days when there was no breeze or rusting of trees and grass and all that, I could just about hear you breathing softly. You always made that soft choking sigh when you’d finally, you know, let it all out. If I was really lucky you’d have one of your dirty magazines with you, and I’d get to hear that wet pitter-patter of you spilling out onto the lucky centerfold girl. It always sounded so intense and so… heavy.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 152108252748.jpg - (84.27KB , 800x800 , Sorena 005_1.jpg )
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Serena's Addiction
by Darius Raedan

Jason was just about to fall asleep when Serena started doing it again. The rickety bunk bed was trembling very slightly, but the now-familiar rhythm woke him up. His eyes popped open. Above him was the bottom of Serena’s bunk, a bony leg and a little foot hanging off the edge. The toes were curling and uncurling tensely.

Jason sighed in deep exasperation. “Serena, cut it out, okay? Go to sleep, we got school in the morning.”

The trembling instantly stopped. “Sorry,” gulped a tiny voice from the bunk above, breathless. And then some rustling and shuffling of fabric.

Jason glanced at the clock. It was just after 2 am. He sighed and tried to get some sleep, but couldn’t help but wonder how long things would have to be this way.

It was only a few weeks ago that Serena got dumped on him, but it had felt like forever. Jason’s family situation was less than ideal, born into basically trailer trash that let meth make them all even trashier and eventually dead. He was moved from relative to relative until the roulette stopped at his distant aunt and uncle several towns over. They lived in a dilapidated double-wide when they weren’t on the road driving a tractor-trailer all over the country for months on end.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 189
It wasn’t even obvious at first. For example, she would hate taking baths - as any little kid would. But once she was in the bathroom, she could spend hours in there, and somehow use little to no water. Often Jason had to pound on the door and yell at her to stop screwing around and get on with it. And she almost never used soap or shampoo, meaning he had to start shoving her back in there until she washed up properly. And no way was he going in there with her, fuck that noise. Sure, she was just a kid but she wasn’t a little baby, right?

Then, his computer got riddled with viruses and crap. He honestly couldn’t figure out how she could screw it up so quickly. More time had to be wasted wiping the drive and reinstalling everything, just stuff like that. Jason wondered if this was what it was normally like to have a kid sister or kid brother. Based on what he had heard from his few friends in school, perhaps it was accurate.

Serena was often just in her own little dream world. Which was a good thing, it meant she didn’t get into as much trouble. But she was also distant and… slow? Could she be retarded or something? Jason wasn’t sure.

But a few months into living with her, he started to notice that she was much smarter and sharper than her dopey behavior let on. She was doing okay in school, considering how much she had missed out on earlier. With a little help with homework she caught on quickly enough to surprise Jason.

So things were kind of settling into place. Jason even figured out that he could finally beat off in his own room again, if it was late at night after Serena was fast asleep in the bunk above him, and if he didn’t rock the bunk bed too much to wake her up. Still frustrating, but better than being so blue-balled he could barely walk straight.

It was one of those nights when Jason realized why Serena’s behaviour was kind of odd, that thing he couldn’t put his finger on. After he had blown a massive load very late at night and finally caught his breath, he noticed that the bunk bed was still gently rocking, with that same familiar rhythm that it would when he’d be jerking off. And he wasn’t causing it.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 190
He went as still as he could, even holding his breath, until he could hear rustling. And just under that, barely audible, soft, strained breathing. And that’s when it hit him. The long showers with no showering. The viruses and crap on his computer after she’d use it, claiming she was doing homework on it while he cooked up some simple dinner or did chores around the house. The electric toothbrushes constantly breaking somehow, ever since she moved in.

Somehow, despite being just eight years old, this scrawny little kid was obsessively, compulsively masturbating at every possible opportunity she could grab.

It was all so frustrating he thought he would explode. But as it turned out, it was Aunt Irma who would explode first.


Jason could hear the yelling while he was still walking down the road that led to the trailer park. Aunt Irma’s voice, Serena screaming and pleading, and a mad ruckus, all blended together. Before he knew what was going on, the flimsy door burst open, Serena scampered out in wide-eyed terror, chased by Aunt Irma, red faced, waving some kind of rod or stick. Whimpering, Serena cowered behind Jason, using him as a shield, shaking with terror and clutching his shirt so hard, he thought it might rip.

There was a moment when Jason realized the object in Aunt Irma’s hand was definitely a large vibrator, one of those high-power ones that didn’t use batteries but had to be plugged in with a power cord. And her rage, plus Serena’s terror, and Jason figured out what had happened. Serena had been playing with Aunt Irma’s toy and presumably broke it somehow. Jason didn’t want to think about Irma using that thing, and didn’t want to think about how Serena broke it, but a gut feeling told him she was probably familiar with those things considering what her dad did to her that landed him in prison for a very long time.

Aunt Irma was that level of angry where she’d be sputtering unintelligible gibberish, red-faced and drooling with rage like some kind of ogre. And that’s probably what she must have looked like to tiny little Serena. Jason didn’t catch most of what Irma was screaming, but the words “di
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 191

The “talk” turned out to not be anywhere as bad as Jason was expecting. Largely because Serena was surprisingly knowledgeable about the human body, as it turned out, thanks to the internet and what was clearly an unfathomable volume of hardcore pornography she had been exposed to pretty much all her life, going as far back as she could remember.

So the talk quickly shifted to how she should, to put it delicately, “take care of herself.” Jason explained privacy and prudence, how to not get caught doing it, and why it was a bad idea to do it in various places like in school, or in public, when people are around - general common-sense stuff. She was, after all, only eight, and you didn’t really need to know this stuff that early on.

They talked late into the night.

“So, you mean… other girls do it too?” Serena asked thoughtfully as they both sat on his bed together. “Like, little girls like me?”

“Well, I mean… not really. I mean basically everyone does it,” Jason struggled, “but usually they start a little later than your age, I guess. I dunno, I’m not an expert. But there’s nothing wrong--” Jason stopped, realizing he was speaking just loud enough to be heard, so he lowered his voice to a hush and continued. He doubted Aunt Irma would hear or care, but he didn’t want to take the risk she’d use this as an excuse to flip out again, either. “There’s nothing wrong with it.”

“And like… everyone does it?” Serena asked softly.

“Well, yeah, pretty much.”
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 192
Jason couldn’t believe just how much this little girl would masturbate. Hours and hours on end on some nights. Other nights, she’d keep waking up and play with herself, fall asleep and wake up again shortly afterwards and do it all over again.

But even this was preferable to what would happen when she did finally fall asleep. At least once a week, she would have horrific nightmares that would wake her up, and then she’d hug her pillow, weeping silently. No doubt her father wasn’t happy with her crying audibly, Jason thought unhappily.

One particularly rough night, when her bad dreams woke up both of them for the third time, Jason suggested she sleep with him in his bunk. He figured that perhaps being high up there and all cold and alone wasn’t helping. At any rate it was worth a shot - finals were around the corner and Jason needed the sleep.

Once they were under the blankets, Serena between him and the wall to their left, she quickly turned over and wrapped her arms around him, resting her head on his chest, curling her skinny little legs snug around his left thigh.

“You comfortable?" Jason whispered, already dreading how much she was going to squirm and fidget and keep him awake, when he realized she had almost instantly fallen fast asleep, her body limp and relaxed for once.

Jason lay awake for a very long time, trying to figure out what was going on in his heart.

to be contd.

File 151953030960.jpg - (224.81KB , 1600x1200 , 7506.jpg )
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Gracel wanted to buy a new smartphone. Her family had no money to spare. A friend told her she could get some good money from farangs down to the bars district. She would have to dress a little slutty and go to a drink with the farangs. They will pay her enough for her to buy a new smartphone just for sitting with them. If she wanted more she could go up with them to their bedrooms in the hotels. But she was not a kid anymore, even if she was not a teenager yet, and she knew what could happen to her on a hotel room with some old farang.
That Friday, she told her mom she would sleep over her friend's house as they would study together through the weekend for an important test next week.
Her friend's parents were traveling and her friend's sitter was the one that introduced her friend to that scheme as she was a bar girl herself.
Gracel and her friend would have to give the sitter 200 euros and she would answer the phone to tell their parents everything was ok with the girls, if happened that the parents called while they were out by the bar district.
The sitter helped Gracel and her friend to dress a little slutty so they can go bar hopping. She also did a very slutty makeup on both of them. Gracel was a little ashamed but her new smartphone was worthy a little embarrassment.
They looked very hot and slutty and the cab driver that took them couldn't help to look at them two. Gracel saw that while the guy looked at her through the rear mirror he was with his big hand over a large bulge on his pants, massaging it.

I will continue the story if people ask...
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>> No. 149
Part 3.
What the girls couldn't imagine in their innocence was that the cab driver was the local handler for a group of farangs that ran a preteen porn operation. He would find the girls and bring them to the White and Black European and American guys and they would have fun gangbanging the little sluts while shooting porn movies. After the Westerners had finished the locals would also get a piece of the sluts asses.
And Gracel and her friend were just too hot, looking kinda dumb and innocent, even with the slutty makeup and clothes, so to have them gangbanged should be an amazing experience.
They drove all the way through the bar district and got to some more seedy and shady part, closer to the river. The girls didn't like the change of venue as the places around there seemed like without the lights and glamour of the other places they saw. But there were still girls walking around, in and out the bars.
The driver said: "Well ladies, it is here the place I told you about. I will charge only the fare down to the entrance to the bar district as to come over here was my suggestion. So, 800 baht will settle it all."
The girls were surprised by the so high a fare and said: "Wow. That is too much!" as they scrapped around for some cash on their tiny purses. They finally gathered some 500 baht, and that was all they had. Gracel friend said: "Sorry sir that is all we have now, but we can pay you tomorrow if you go to my house. I will give my adress..."
"Not needed", interrupted the cab driver abruptly. "Let's do something so I don't have to call the cops: you girls can give me that latter tonight. I will introduce you to some friends and they will take to the right farangs so you girls can get all the money you need, then I take the 200 something you owe me later. Yeah, I am that nice a guy!"
They didn't even noticed as two guys approached and opened their doors. The cab driver told them: "Take these girls to the good guys." The guys acknowledged by waving their heads and helped the girls out of the cab into the street. The "good guys" were waiting and fun was about to start.
>> No. 163
File 152043933649.jpg - (16.81KB , 450x450 , depositphotos_123057070-stock-illustration-folded-.jpg )
More please
>> No. 167
Part 4
Only now, walking in the street from the cab to the pub, Gracel could feel how short her black dress was. Also, her little tiny pants were getting straight in to the crack of her ass and the fabric was scratching her little clit as she walked, making her feel all hot and wet inside her little pussy. The images of the big volume under the driver's pants kept coming back to her mind. Every time she thought about it a little discharge of electricity would go from her little clit all the way to her pussy and through her belly to her little dark brown nipples that were getting hardened under the transparent dress.
They finally got inside the pub, after the two guys that were taking Gracel and her friend gave a little brown envelope to the bouncer watching the door. After getting the envelope, the big guy looked to the little pretty girls and waved the girls and the two guys in.
As the girls entered the pub they barely could see in the midst of so much smog and because of the dim lights. Music was loud and the roar of too many people talking at same time made any conversation pretty much impossible, without yelling by each other's ear. And that is what Gracel's friend did: "So, you liked it?". Gracel waved her head saying yes, as they finally arrived to the "good guys" table.
There were around 12 guys, all westerners. 2 black guys were sitting close by, while all the white guys were sitting around the table. A big white guy tattooed all over his arms with a big beard was sitting at the head of the table. He looked Gracel with hungry eyes.
As soon the girls were made to seat, drinks were bought to them. They noticed however that the little English they spoke would not be enough to converse with the guys. One of the guys gave Gracel a 10 Euro bill. Oh God! That was 400 baht! And he said to her "Just because you got a pretty smile". Gracel's friend also got one from another guy. Both girls showed their 10 Euro bills to each other laughing. However, what they didn't noticed, was that their drinks were spiked with drugs that would make it easier for the guys to do what they wanted to them. They would be wild and crazy willingly par
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 168
File 152054973682.gif - (31.34KB , 130x130 , aplausos-gif.gif )
>> No. 186
File 152106078935.gif - (29.09KB , 240x240 , gato_shrek_bb.gif )

File A_RUSTY_RED_VAN.txt - (53.64KB , A RUSTY RED VAN.txt )
181 No. 181 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
This one's pretty good. I have many I copied from a usenet site.
>> No. 182
Meeting two horny twins of a young age at a large birthday party. Has a little Mind Control thingy too, whatever. Still a decent story
>> No. 183
File Diary_of_a_Pre-teen_Porn_Queen.txt - (43.54KB , Diary of a Pre-teen Porn Queen.txt )
Author : MeatBo
>> No. 184
File Fuck_Doll.txt - (42.08KB , Fuck Doll.txt )
Author unknown. Sometimes you get blind sided in life. This man's normal work day changes his life.
>> No. 185
File Filthy_Amanda.txt - (160.87KB , Filthy Amanda.txt )
Little Amanda wakes to the pleasure of sex. Why bother with little boys if you can get it man sized right?

File 152015972688.jpg - (29.98KB , 533x800 , laura.jpg )
155 No. 155 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Desde la primera vez que la vi, he soñado fantasías con Laura B. Quisiera que ella fuera mi amante y todos los días me recibiera en casa, nos duchamos y tenemos el más rico sexo de mi vida. Sueño con chuparle esa rica cosita que se le marca, hasta que con un intenso gemido su cuerpo tiembla del orgasmo.
>> No. 177
File Good_Neighbor.txt - (113.25KB , Good Neighbor.txt )
From the first time I saw her, I dreamed fantasies with Laura B. I would like her to be my lover and every day I would be welcomed at home, we would shower and have the richest sex of my life. I dream of sucking him that rich little thing that is marked, until with an intense moan his body trembles from orgasm.

Obviously something is missing but maybe we'll be better at learning to be multilingual.
>> No. 178

Espero que a Laura le esté yendo bien en su vida, con más razón después de provocar tantos buenos deseos en muchos de sus admiradores.

File 151862892381.jpg - (56.54KB , 640x920 , jb.jpg )
107 No. 107 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
These stories have been floating around for more than 20 years - back to the dawn of the Web. And, maybe longer than that.

There are three and they are long, multipart stories about a man's sexual adventures with groups of junior high school girls.

jail bait, consensual, 12-14, oral, vaj, anal

PW: JuniorHighPussyIsTheBest

>> No. 176
File Pretty_Little_Teasers.txt - (229.69KB , Pretty Little Teasers.txt )
Thank you Love Wellington storie's. Here is one you may like. It is about, I think, the high money end of the Newstar Agency. Either way having some newstar sets nearby can enhance the experience. LOL

File 151628740038.jpg - (748.21KB , 3154x2102 , oceane-dreams-set14-26.jpg )
22 No. 22 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Here is the links to a couple of stories I have written that are suitable for this forum.

I have written many other sex stories but they all involve 18+. So here are the two that feature younger girls enjoy.


4 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 46
File 151662643010.jpg - (706.76KB , 2102x3154 , oceane-dreams-set4-01.jpg )
Here is where they all are.
>> No. 47
I'm sorry I didn't realize I did something wrong.


>> No. 64
Wow - I loved these stories. I've always wanted to read very graphic depictions of my favorite models. I LOVED the part with Ultra :)
>> No. 89
File Lust_in_the_backseat.pdf - (251.18KB , Lust in the backseat.pdf )
Here is another one I wrote. This is not about Oceane. This might be a little different than one might expect for this site but it still involves underage sex.

Some may also recognize the theme in the story. I can tell you unequivocally that I am in fact the other of many such stories posted on other sites so I feel confident in posting this story.

On the other sites they do not allow underage sex so I am merely stretching the boundaries here. Thank you
>> No. 116
Please continue,this oceane-ultra stories really got me to the limit!
please tell me you are making new stories!

File 151910469063.png - (2.68MB , 1920x1080 , Hardway House 1 - Making Julie relax_.png )
122 No. 122 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Young Julie had to lose her virginity before her next birthday to be in the club. To this end, she was given the choice of two men to do the job. Rick, who was tender and gentle; or Michael, whom they called "The hard way" because if you actually showed up, you would have no choice but to go through with it.

After being plied with wine and drugs, Julie finds out exactly why she would have no choice...
18 posts and 15 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 160
File 152039797238.png - (2.65MB , 1920x1080 , Hardway House 15 - Micheal lets Julie rest a momen.png )
>> No. 161
File 152039804682.png - (2.64MB , 1920x1080 , Hardway House 16- bent over .png )
>> No. 162
File 152039812738.png - (2.64MB , 1080x1920 , Hardway House 18- Micheal ready for the main event.png )
>> No. 165
Nice 3d, looks like Bad Onion. If you are making it can you please get her to be DPed by that guy and a black friend that arrives later on?
>> No. 169
Amusingly, the guy here isn't black. It's something that IRay is doing and I don't know how to fix it. I do have a test set I did (based in this universe) in which one of the girls who chose "the hard way" asked Michael to be deflowered unlike any girl he's ever done before...so he invited his brother over for a dp. Set is only 3 images (wasn't overly happy with it. I'll probably redo it someday. But I can post them here if you like.

File 151881070987.jpg - (511.49KB , 1881x1058 , senior-old-man-reading-book-dreamstime_m_54213820-.jpg )
112 No. 112 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Nice, I love the idea of this board. I'm a voracious reader of pedo stories and have several thousand downloaded, but 99.9 % of them are in HTML format. I'll start converting some of my favorites for posting here.
>> No. 150
I visit here daily. I really wish you hadn't forgotten about us librarian.
>> No. 153
Yeah, thousands of stories sounds good, especially those with drugs, gangbangs and non-consent (if all together, then best).

No. 4 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Not written by me. Taken from a board a few years ago called ASSTR.org which stopped posting new stories at that time.No reason was given as I recall.


>> No. 5
Page 2 - how about changing the file types allowed for stories to include some sort of text file such as doc or pdf.


>> No. 17
File saras_photo_shoot.pdf - (1.20MB )
PDF Attached

File 15162467467.jpg - (196.13KB , 1024x1279 , BG part 2 (18) copy.jpg )
21 No. 21 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
5 chapters in all.


File 151890803796.jpg - (177.92KB , 1128x635 , The_GAP_Has_Everything4.jpg )
113 No. 113 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Please: Any News from Chulapária? I have a old newspaper!!!
>> No. 118
What is the limit for posting in chars?
I want to post some stories I have but I don't want to upload anything anywhere. Just want to plain post them here.


>> No. 121
Thanks for the answer. Can we post non-consent stories, provided we precede them with the necessary warnings and disclaimers?


>> No. 139
File 151967600747.jpg - (2.63KB , 125x116 , myhat.jpg )
Why don't you just upload a txt or doc or pdf file to here?
>> No. 140
Thanks for the suggestion, but I prefer to be safe behind Tor, VPN, you know, all the goods. They are killing the 1st amendment this April 25, and they may decide to send people to jail for something they wrote after that, so, I don't want to bear the risk. Call me chicken, lol. But they say room service is pretty lame inside a federal can, lol, especially as we won't have a constitution anymore by the end of this year.
I will post on blocks of 8192 chars later on.
BTW, what happened yesterday? Cloudfare hiccup?


File 151862938277.jpg - (73.03KB , 500x667 , 53e27aa523ef45cad329b85659749ef1.jpg )
108 No. 108 hide watch quickreply [Reply]

pw - TeenPussyIsTheBest

File Busting_Fran's_Cherry.pdf - (83.95KB , Busting Fran's Cherry.pdf )
106 No. 106 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
A 19-year-old lifeguard is turned into a pedophile by a 12-year-old girl.

File 15169020893.jpg - (99.25KB , 720x540 , 045.jpg )
52 No. 52 hide watch quickreply [Reply]


Las muchachas despampanantes que habían llegado el día anterior a la fiesta con sus elegantes vestidos, estaban tal cual delante de mi cama, pero sin nada ya que dejar a la imaginación. Así mismo se habrían vestido antes de la fiesta, pero bajo sus faldas, bajo sus pantimedias, negros los de Tatiana y color arena los de Jessica; había sido yo quien había visto. Había sido yo quien había restregado su cara contra esas nalgas perfectamente empacadas en esas mallas y bebiendo sus ricos aromas, quien les quitó las tangas y quien hizo el amor con ellas por horas y horas…



Este es el primer cuento erótico que escribí. Esas dos chicas de verdad me gustaban
(no son las de la foto, Jessica y Tatiana eran todavía mejores).

File 151718529714.jpg - (64.88KB , 480x640 , 22730206_149689725773214_2521232498440609124_n.jpg )
84 No. 84 hide watch quickreply [Reply]

Hija: Tú eres el ser más hermoso que haya visto y vaya a ver en la vida. Cuéntame todo de tu vida, siempre, cuenta conmigo, pídeme consejo sobre tus amores, que yo te lo daré, aunque muera de celos y dolor por dentro.


Con este cuento me despido. Si tienen curiosidad por los demás, búsquenlos en la página. No los comparto aquí porque no son sobre preteen, pero también son bacanos.

"mi papi se vino dentro de mí" es el mejor que he escrito, lo digo yo y lo dicen los lectores. Espero que aquí llegue el suficiente público hispanohablante para que su apreciación crezca.

Ahí se los dejo, gracias al administrador y a los posibles visitantes.

Valga mencionar que me inspiré para este cuento en una estudiante de 13 años de la que estuve enamorado, que me dijo "tú serías un padre ejemplar".
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 87
Hola me llamo marta soy de Teruel España tengo 11 años...

File 151680652942.jpg - (129.02KB , 1023x737 , poster.jpg )
49 No. 49 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Estaba dibujando círculos con la cola. De repente exhaló con fuerza el aire que había aspirado y con voz deliciosamente ahogada, dijo - Ay, profe, ¡me haces igual que mi papá…! contra todo pronóstico, en medio del frenesí, había una o dos neuronas en mí que podían razonar, porque recuerdo haber pensado “con razón es tan dócil” y “no culpo al man, no lo culpo”.


Tengo once cuentos. Comparto los 7 mejores y los dejo en paz.


File 151665663223.jpg - (115.82KB , 1000x586 , BeFunky Collage.jpg )
48 No. 48 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
comenten comenten comenten!!
Se me revolvía la cabeza de planear tan fríamente y con tanta malicia como llevármela a un laboratorio o algo, manosearla y ponerla a chupar… era muy osado. Con las grandes, uno se ponía una cita donde fuera y listo.
Muchas eran más recorridas que uno mismo.
Pero Laura… ella muy probablemente todavía pedía permiso para salir.

Esta historia es de mis favoritas, espero la disfruten.


<3 <3 Amo las culicagadas!!!! <3 <3

I hope someday have the time to translate these tales to English.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 151657466650.jpg - (751.69KB , 692x1424 , silva.jpg )
37 No. 37 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
This is an original true story, its only been posted once before on a chan...I hope everyone enjoys it, and please forgive the punctuation and English, i am not by any means an English major.This will be submitted in parts because its too long otherwise.

So after retiring from a decent job in the US, I decided to travel for a bit, I visited a lot of different countries, mostly in the Asian side of the world, and was having a great time, the girls were fun the sun was warm and price of things was affordable. In the end I settled on a retirement condo in the Philippines. While there met a lot of other retired guys from various countries and got into a kind of regular group of about 10, all of us were single, divorced or separated so evenings were spent at a club, girl watching or dining out or out on the golf course, hitting the strip clubs which are really good, most of the guys had girl friends, no one was interested in getting married all of us having tried that before, although marrying a Filipina gave you a bunch of advantages. All of us had younger girl friends, in the 20’s or early 30’s which is the norm here, women love foreign men so all was good., or we would just pick up some hottie at the club for the night.

Around the 2nd year I started hanging out with this Filipina woman, she was 35 and had a small daughter who was 10. They were both pretty, she worked as a sales lady in a mall and her daughter went to grade school, and although I had never ever had a desire for teen or pre-teen girls this one was alluring, pretty, nice little body, and large round tits, amazing to see on such a small girl. Now I say large but really probably only the size of a big apple, but they looked large on her because she was 4’ and slim, maybe 70 lbs. some days she would come over with her mother and play in the yard with my dog, or tag along with me when I went riding on the motorbike, she took to calling me uncle; Around the house she never had to be told to do stuff, she would wash dishes, put clothes to be washed in the basin, sweep the floors and help her mother make meals. Or go outside and play with the neighborhood children. We never had to discipline her, she did not like to be swea
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 40
Well later that day when I knew Silvia was over at the next apartment I called Dave to find out what happened, he said she went in the bathroom to shower and he followed her in and started to feel her breasts and ass and in the process got his clothes off when kissing her and said he washed her body and showed her how to wash his and particularly his cock and balls and they spent a lot of time in the shower, he said she was very hot, and he got his finger between her legs and part way into her ass as well and she did not stop him from trying or maybe could not stop him. Then he showed her how to masturbate him, he told her it was how one cleans a man, and since she was the maid she had to learn to clean him too, I guess she masturbated him and when he came he says she jumped, she had not seen come before, but her told her to just wash it off and then he dried her and himself. He said that in the next weeks he was going to shower with her and when she was all soapy try to stick his dick up her ass first. It sounded really hot and I had to go jack off. The next week they all told me they had convinced her to masturbate them and then strangely when they tried to put their dicks in her mouth she went after it like she knew what she was doing and even let them come in her mouth, Dave was a little perplexed he had thought it would take some convincing but she just did it seemed like she knew what to do so he asked, “did I teach her?” to which I told him “No, I had no idea how she learned that, maybe she must have seen pictures or maybe had been watched my porn tapes when I was not home?” So, the next evening as we are driving home I asked her where she had learned to take the guys in her mouth and she quite matter of fact said “Oh Uncle I watched it in your movies because I guessed I should learn how girls and boys do it, do you mind it?” I told her no not at all, watch them all you want, to which she said “thank you Uncle” We had reached home, so she ran up the driveway and to her room before I even made it in the door.

Well one day when her mother had gone, I said to Silvia, who was watching TV, lets go upstairs, I think I want you to show me what you know. With a bright smile she s
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 41
I told everyone what I did with Silvia, so the result was each day at each or the apartments the guys would have fun with her in the shower while she was wet and naked and everyone used her in a different way, some she gave blow jobs in the shower others hand jobs but taking her ass was what everyone ended up doing daily; Now when I picked her up in the evening from the complex we would drive immediately to a secluded over look where one can see the ocean and had her take down her panties and I felt her up putting a finger part way into her as I kissed her lips and I felt her pussy and asshole, it seemed kind of open so I wet my fingers with spit and got two fingers in her ass, by now my dick was always like rock, so I would slide over to the passenger side of the car and positioned her facing front over my dick and made her slide down onto it so I could see my dick entering her ass, All she ever said was ‘Ohhhh’, she was tight, but it just slid up into her, they had really loosened her up nicely, soon I was buried to the hilt. I bounced her up and down like a little rag doll on my dick till I felt it swell and I came up inside her, taking it out I told her she had to now suck me to clean me, without a word the little slut got down and licked me clean, by then I had got hard again so she gave me a long blow job and I came again in her mouth, don’t know how much she got but I watched her throat move as I was coming so she swallowed it all, I kept it in her mouth till I was soft and then we drove home.

I told the guys what I did with her and they were all agreeable that from now on after she got ass fucked she had to clean their dicks with her mouth. Later she told me some of them liked to just push it in her ass and gently move it for an hour before they came, moving just enough to keep hard, because they told her it felt so good inside her they did not want to have to pull out. Giggling she told me it was ok because they just spent the hour where she was supposed to be cleaning dishes etc instead was spent playing with her, kissing and feeling her breasts and putting a finger in her pussy. She said that was what felt best. I told her she should know that housework was not the reason she w
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 42
After about a year of this I told my girlfriend that we were all using her daughter now, she said she already knew that , because her daughter had told her already, and that since I was already taking care of her daughter I should just have her; that was a What moment for me, she told me she never wanted to have a child, and when she got pregnant she had to give up her college and job and everything and it has been a struggle to survive, but she did not want to give her up for adoption, but at the same time her family did not want her or her child either and threw them out. She told me that it has been very hard for both of them and then she asked me a favor, if she was not there, please do not put Silvia out, because she has no one else, and no where to go, confused I said but what about you .. you are still here so why are you worried? And then she told me, that the only thing stopping her from taking work overseas in Qatar or Saudi like her friends was Silvia. But now if I will care for Silvia she could do it. I told her I would always care for both her and Silvia and if when she got the job and had to return she has a house waiting for her. She was very appreciative and we had great sex. Within 3 months she had a job in Saudi as a maid servant, the contract was for 11 months with one-month vacation paid return fare, she accepted the job. Silvia really was sad her mother was leaving but we both told her not to worry I would take care of her and her mothers stuff was in the house so she would be back yearly. Soon her mom was gone and things settled down. Silvia moved into my bedroom and slept with me now, I can enjoy her day and night, anytime I want, she cooks cleans and does the clothes and I love it. She is the most dutiful and loving little woman any one would ever want, no matter what I ask her to do she always says yes and is up for it.

Before she left her mother made out papers making me her guardian so I can sign whatever is necessary for her school and doctor’s visits etc etc., I became essentially the father she never had. A year went by, Silvia went to school, we did homework together, she cleaned the apartments and serviced the men living there daily, and me many times a day, t
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 43
It is now the 4 years mark since we started training Silvia, she has become the most perfect little fuck toy one could ever want she told me she loves all her boys, that is what she calls us, we dress her up to look like a sexy now and she is attracting a lot of attention, some days now she will accompany one of the guys out to the local club as their girl friend and I even let her spend the night some days with them if they want her for the night. Our group of guys enjoying now from the age of 10, she is now 14, So she keeps really busy, In January I asked her if she wishes to continue to go to school once she graduates High School and she said not really. So, after her graduation and Prom for which we got the most beautiful dress for her she now has the job of taking care of all her boys. Now when we get up in the morning and I am done with her, I drop her at the Apartment complex at about 9 every morning, and I pick her up at 7 pm each evening. The rules everyone has is for her to spend 2 hours at each place and take care of 5 men each day, since there are 15 guys each of them have her at least 3 times a week. So once she enters, she gets naked immediately and start her maid duties, she told me, in a quite matter of fact way the other day that its easier to just start taking care of the owner because that is what they all want so she can do her cleaning work later, then sometimes she says they get excited watching her clean and she has to give them a blow job, other days she never gets done and spends her allocated two hours sucking and fucking, She told me that sometimes when she is getting ready to leave the complex one of the guys she is not supposed to be doing will be waiting for her and gets a quickie, she giggled that it is exciting to do it in the stair well or washing machine room and a few times she almost got caught by other residents. So, it seems some days she has more than 6 encounters and is quite ok with it and having fun. She is finding out that there are some downsides to being fucked up the ass by 5 guys per day (I know that they all always use her ass daily, they all admitted it’s a big turn on to have the ass of a young girl like her; they also love to listen to her little cries when
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 44
She is so cute, she has taken to calling me ‘My Love’ and telling me she loves me, its in her eyes when I look at her she is so loving. It is so good to be with her each evening. At night its especially good to feel her cuddled up to me, it turns me on so much, often I find my dick is just as hard as a rock again so I take her hole again, she wakes up as I go in her and responds eagerly every time, she loves to be fucked.

But I plan on a lot more for little Silvia, I want her to become a full fledged prostitute and spend her evenings being used by men and paid for, I told her about it and she asked when she will get to be with me? and I said she will see me at 2 am, when she gets off work from her new work so when I pick her up from the apartment instead of going right home I would take her to work the public from around 7:30 which she would have to do till about 2 am in the morning, after which I would pick her up and we would go home. Unknown to Silvia I had already talked to a lady who ran a brothel in the red light district and whose girls worked the street, so I took Silvia down and introduced her to Ann the owner, Ann liked her size and said she was really pretty and said she could be really busy and that she would watch over her, I told Ann to keep Silvias earnings, I just wanted her to be fucked a lot, Ann laughed at me and said oh I am a naughty man, to like his daughter used like that, and she smiled and said no problem she will make sure she is used a lot if that is what I wish, just let her know if there is anything special that I want done to her and she will arrange it.

I took Silvia down introduced her to Ann and told her to do whatever Ann instructed her to do then, I went over to the local bar and sitting on the deck there I could see Silvia standing by the side of the road with one of the girls, pretty soon about 4 guys came over and struck up a conversation then I saw all four of them walking with Silvia to the brothel, she emerged with them about an hour later, It was amazing, men would stop and pick Silvia or one of the other girls and 15 minutes later Silvia would walk back out on the street only to turn around and walk back in with another customer, it h
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 15165830368.jpg - (85.26KB , 720x540 , 057.jpg )
38 No. 38 hide watch quickreply [Reply]

Una niña de décimo estaba ahí, meando delante de nosotros. Sus recónditas delicias estaban allá en acción, tibiecitas y húmedas. En menos de un segundo volví la mirada. No aguanté la curiosidad de verle la cara mientras meaba. Como lo imaginé, era de complacencia. Casi tenía una sonrisa, qué rico.

Thanks to 180chan manager!

no hay de qué buey

Un caluroso saludo a los amantes de las teen y las preteen. Por favor no olviden comentar, y comentar aquí, puesto que en la página donde está alojado el relato, no lo permiten.

File Alyssa's_Lesbian_Rape.doc - (33.00KB , Alyssa's Lesbian Rape.doc )
32 No. 32 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
>> No. 33
File Can_I_Rape_Your_Daughter.doc - (42.50KB , Can I Rape Your Daughter.doc )
>> No. 34
File Like_Father_Like_Son.doc - (101.50KB , Like Father Like Son.doc )

File Alex's_Initiation.doc - (36.50KB , Alex's Initiation.doc )
31 No. 31 hide watch quickreply [Reply]

File Dr_Nooo.doc - (103.50KB , Dr Nooo.doc )
30 No. 30 hide watch quickreply [Reply]

File _TRACI_FULL.txt - (371.76KB , _TRACI FULL.txt )
11 No. 11 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Most of the stories I will be posting were downloaded around 2005-2008, I have included the original authors name and first two paragraphs. This is one of my favorites, so I thought I'd share it first:

Junior High Neighborhood Sluts

by James Wellington

My marriage came to a crashing halt the afternoon my wife came home
from work early and found me fucking our fifteen-year-old baby-sitter.
We'd been married just out of high school and had two kids right away.
After the second baby was born we both agreed that should be the end
of the children and I went to the doctor for "the operation." Having a
vasectomy didn't bother me at all. In fact, I saw it as an opportunity
to pursue my secret interest in young girls without either me or them
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 12
Okay, my post didn't link to the zipfile I had so lets try it this way


No Pass!


>> No. 14
God I love this story. One of my favorites. Can I post a link to free stories online? I have many links.
And if someone hasn't posted Lil Beth's new friends, they should. lol


>> No. 20
File 151623225366.jpg - (693.21KB , 800x1200 , Young-Girl-Reading_Dasha-Riley_60x39cm_digital-pri.jpg )

I don't mind. These stories are reposts anyway. I got them from xnxx years ago, when they allowed taboo topics. There were thousands of stories there, I D/L'd the ones I liked. If I decide to share anything I wrote, I would consider it public domain if I post it.
>> No. 29
Did you get any of The Vicky Stories from Xnxx? I lost them and now they are gone from the site

File 151619199281.png - (79.16KB , 223x223 , 1677443.png )
13 No. 13 hide watch quickreply [Reply]

I just tried that. The story I am trying to post has 380,000 characters. The posting limit in the message field is 8000. So that's not feasible. I uploaded it to Zippyshare, but since there is an apparent 8hr + delay in messages getting posted, this is kind of a PITA! I have no Idea if my link works or not. I wish this board was screened by Mods.


>> No. 15

PITA = Pain in the Ass. Not PETA.
I first tried to upload a zip file directly, it didn't show up with with my original post, then, I tried to upload the text, and didn't see anything. So I uploaded a RAR file... and waited. Apparently that worked, but there is quite a lag time between upload and it appearing on the chan, It took more than 8 hours for my story to post. Working backwards, I has taken me a full day to get this story up.


I realize the mods are busy, fighting the onslaught of CP. That is why, I think it would be helpful to have /story/ moved to an unmoderated chan.


>> No. 16
File -boys_delight.txt - (20.53KB , -boys delight.txt )
TESTING. Next Story on my list.
>> No. 18
Awesome! That works just fine. Thanks for your help MODS!

I may want to post to a downloader in the future, so that I can add a photo in the file field. But everything seems to be working with .txt files.


>> No. 19
File Sharing, Sorry, my finger moving faster than my brain.

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