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File 15120373261.jpg - (165.53KB , 1183x456 , WT.jpg )
983 No. 983
Mod, can you please edit the site template?

Disable the CSS style "height: 87px;" in the div element id="watchedthreads"

before and after, the screenshot is attached.

Thanks in advance!
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>> No. 984
Which css file is that? It's not in futaba.css

I have this in image_header.tpl watchedthreadselement.style.height = Math.max(75,getCookie('watchedthreadsheight')) + 'px';

Also can you help me reduce top padding for posts as described here https://180chan.info/spam/res/861.html ?

>> No. 985
I found a cookie with a value of 87, after removing, the height of the element has changed to 75, as in your code, everything is correct.
Make a backup copy of image_header.tpl and try to remove this line.
I'm not familiar with the structure of the template ...
>> No. 986
That doesn't make sense then. How were you able to increase its cookie from 75 to 87? It's not adjustable in your browser?
>> No. 987
or remove only 'px' at the end of the code, this makes the style unusable and ignored
>> No. 988
earlier I could change the size of the window just by the mouse cursor, but it has not worked for a long time, I do not know why
>> No. 989
I think if I remove +px you wouldn't be able to change the 75 at all as it will be fixed. Can't you remember approximately when did it break? Are you sure it's not a problem with your browser? Did you try emptying your cookies/cache or another browser?
>> No. 990
File 151204265836.jpg - (100.34KB , 626x515 , Снимок4545.jpg )
if you delete only +px - then the style will look like this:

"height: 75;"

this style value is incorrect and will be ignored
because it does not contain explanations for the value 75
75px or 75% or 75em
>> No. 991
>this style value is incorrect and will be ignored
Which is.. a good thing?

Can you verify it's not a problem with your browser, otherwise tell me exactly what do you want me to change?


>> No. 992
File 151204305856.jpg - (15.17KB , 437x132 , 122.jpg )
Yes, I deleted the cookie and cache, tried it in different browsers, but all the same.
In browsers like Opera and MS Edge, Watched Threads does not work at all, when you open or add a thread, the page is simply refresh.

only in Google Chrome I get a message that the thread is added and the window is opened.

I do not use ad blockers
>> No. 993
File 151204353550.jpg - (206.83KB , 977x843 , Снукукимок.jpg )
different browsers screenshot

I would like the background of the panel to be on the whole panel, otherwise the text will be mixed with other layers on the site, as in the first screenshot >>983
>> No. 994
I mean which code do you think we should remove? the px or the whole height line or what?
>> No. 995
only two characters - px

let's try it..
>> No. 996
I essentially broke the height element by removing px. Is that better for everyone? Shall I make this change permanent and extend to 144/155 when they're back or is anyone else got it broken after the changes?
>> No. 997
File 151204467279.jpg - (47.11KB , 286x406 , 3434.jpg )
Yes, it works
>> No. 998
If a couple of more people confirm it was broken that trick fixed I'll extend the implementation to 144 & 155.

I wonder why did they create a height element if it's not needed in the first place!
>> No. 999
I think there used to be a script that stopped working.
Previously, you could change the size of the panel yourself and move on the site, now when you hover over the top of the panel the cursor changes the form, but it does not work ...
>> No. 1000
The only two things I changed in the header is adding an advertisement script and moving the location of ad headers to the post box. Both changes are not in 144/155 yet. Let me know how it works for you when they're restored next week.
>> No. 1037
File 151214884886.jpg - (12.28KB , 263x44 , Сни3443мок.jpg )
something went wrong :(
>> No. 1039
Fuck it I'll just restore the original settings. Your browser has hiccups VK.
>> No. 1040
The CSS style has nothing to do with this, it is only a visual.

This problem, there is no response from the server, maybe the MySQL database is overloaded?
>> No. 1041
I didn't restore CSS I restored the templates '+px'
>> No. 1042
File 151214965885.jpg - (14.03KB , 264x91 , 44545.jpg )
yes, I see again 75px
>> No. 1043
Shit. When did that problem start? I didn't touch anything since our long session yesterday.
>> No. 1044
yes, these were temporary problems, everything works.
please delete + px

sorry for the anxiety.
>> No. 1045
I'll only forgive you because I'm also OCD as fuck.
>> No. 1046

>> No. 1078
I did a couple more fixes in thread watch function. If it broke anything with your thread watch please report.

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