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/spam/ ~ Firefox 57 - thoughts, experiences
File 151154497161.jpg - (170.45KB , 500x353 , maersk 2.jpg )
957 No. 957
Not impressed so far, slick and well-used workflows have been disrupted, extensions deprecated with replacements not as full-featured or customizable. TBH it reminds me of the move from Win 7 to Win 8, which eventually drove me away from Windows altogether.
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>> No. 980
The only real thing I'm happy about is the memory usage being a lot lower. It'd make my PC (which is very good) run like complete ass.
>> No. 982
Not seen much difference in RAM usage, mainly coz some of my preferred extensions haven't ported across to the WebExt format, now having to use heavier alternatives.
>> No. 1117
I have problem with Firefox 57, too
With older Firefox, i had not too much problem to access files (only one captcha, no endless need to click).
Now, with same files, (for exemple Imagedew, or Imagerock), i need to pass throu 3 to 5 captchas, and need to reload the page again and again (as the page stop de load before getting any image).
i made a test (with Firefox 57) : i went to a page, without VPN and the page was easily accessible. I acces the same page, with a VP? and i couldn't access that page (captcha was not even accessible).
Seems that Google (the service behind most captcha) knows now, with Firefox 57, when somebody is using a VPN, and block access

Has sombody else the same problem ?

I will erturn to old Firefox, as it seems the new one has some security problem.
>> No. 1121
Quite a lot of upload portals are broken with FF57 at the moment, it's been difficult to isolate whether this the browser itself or the WebExt format of the add-ons. Having more success trialling Pale Moon 27, it's a bit rough around the edges with a limited range of extensions but at least they are configurable without opening an html page for their settings.

If you're going to roll back to an older Firefox you should go to FF52 which is the current Extended Support Release (ESR) here
This is (supposed to be) supported until June 2018. Note you will not be able to backdate your profile to this version but you can export and import bookmarks. If you keep using FF56 you won't get any security patches or bugfixes .
>> No. 1123
File 151325179865.jpg - (81.78KB , 995x578 , q3rvq3rv.jpg )
Never had this warning before... any ideas?

Attack Page?
>> No. 1124
We get this from time to time when a shekeleer link or an ad contains maleware. It goes away pretty quickly though. Does it specify the problem link exactly?

You can also use 155chan.top/cg till we get 180's cg delisted.

>> No. 1126
Happens quite often with pedo sites. I'd say don't worry about it unless you're going to a link you've never been to before. In that case I'd say just use Tor.

But otherwise, "meh" I've encountered this shit a dozen of times now, nothing's ever happened - I think it's Google trying to list normal pedo sites as "dangerous" or whatever to fuck with them somehow (get them pulled from appearing in Google results, ect).

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