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/spam/ ~ Is requests not permitted anymore? If it is, i ...
File 151149229418.jpg - (370.95KB , 1728x2592 , E (16).jpg )
952 No. 952
Is requests not permitted anymore?

If it is, i was just wondering if anyone has more of this girl from WALS..
>> No. 953
You can make requests in /cg/ if you want shekeleers to answer, or in /mir/ if you want users to answer with free links.
>> No. 955
Hi there Tired mod ;)

May I suggest a /Request/ section? ;)

I like to look at requests to see if I can fulfill some, and they wouldn't get lost in all other posts in /cg/ or /mir/

thanks a lot
>> No. 956
We had an /r/ section (still there but hidden btw) but the more subs the more user time is wasted having to click them all to know what's new with the site. I figured its purpose is exactly like /mir/ in terms of people helping each other, and if a shekeleer answers the request then its purpose is just like /cg/, only posting in /cg/ gives the request more exposure.

So the request section was really redundant and didn't serve any use. I like to keep the board lean and mean but I'll put it back up if an overwhelming majority wants.
>> No. 961
si tienen sets de fotos de la chica que puso Vparadox avisenme
>> No. 963
Intenta hablar inglés
>> No. 1080
Thank you Tired Mod. Late response I know, but one more question; is sharing WALS material permitted, granted it is kept within moderation, like a few sets and not an entire collection?

>> No. 1081
Sharing any material which its owner insulted us is permitted until he apologizes. It would still be permitted after that but I'd start honoring his DMCAs so you'll have to play cat and mouse.
>> No. 1090
I submitted a post (TPI Livia) yesterday evening that either didn't go through, for whatever reason, or wasn't approved. It didn't redirect me to an error page so assumed it went through.. Could you let me know why it wasn't approved, if that is the case?
Just thought I would ask before i try posting again.
>> No. 1091
My best guess is something was wrong with the submission. Otherwise maybe it was shekeleering on /mir/?
>> No. 1092

Got it, thanks.

I remember there being a "delete" option at the bottom but no it is just a "report" button.. do i just select the post and say to delete for the "reason" or am i not seeing the delete? :/
>> No. 1093
Read this https://180chan.info/spam/res/1066.html#1088
>> No. 1094
Oh sorry i didn't see that. Thanks again.
>> No. 1098
Turns out I deleted post >>18141 because it was replaced with >>18147 which had both the same links and a preview image. Good to know I'm not going crazy. Or were you referring to something else?

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