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/spam/ ~ Minimizing padding
File 15112152857.jpg - (2.58KB , 125x116 , myhat.jpg )
861 No. 861
I'd like to reduce the posts padding a bit. It's currently taking a lot of space especially the top one making scrolling long threads a pain. Any CSS guru knows how?

I'm suspecting it should be under futaba's tbody, which currently has no padding value, but I don't wanna mess anything up.
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>> No. 1001
Can you make a screenshot-illustration where specifically unnecessary padding?
>> No. 1002
File 151204703735.jpg - (40.01KB , 770x245 , padding.jpg )
>> No. 1003
File 151204780318.jpg - (60.64KB , 730x347 , 21212.jpg )
Post element "blockquote" need to add style "margin-top: 0em;"
I have another option to reduce the length of the page ..
I will write a little later.
>> No. 1004
1em = 16px
>> No. 1005
Tried it, didn't work. I don't think it's the correct solution because in img_global.css I already have this

blockquote blockquote {
margin-left: 0em;

While we do have a left margin here despite it being 0em!
>> No. 1006
The example that you provided does not apply to blockquote in the body of the post

in your example, the style "margin-left: 0em;" will be applied only to the blockquote, which is inside the other blockquote

try add

blockquote {
margin-top: 0em;
>> No. 1007
Still doesn't work. That may be very primitive questions but can you please tell me:

Which file should I add this to?

Is there a specific position in the file to add this or any spot will do?

Should I add blockquote or .blockquote ?
>> No. 1010
File 151205675117.jpg - (9.42KB , 236x176 , tnks.jpg )
Fuck my life I was doing it right all along. It was the cache (again).


>> No. 1011
VK do you think it's also a good idea to hide the line containing any attached image name and dimensions and size to save its space? If yes do you know how to delete it or at least reduce its font size to 1?
>> No. 1012
File 151205898090.jpg - (68.54KB , 537x503 , Снимо3434к.jpg )
The size is not less than 8pt. See screenshot

futaba.css add





>> No. 1013
File 151205937351.jpg - (15.28KB , 300x300 , 151203933088.jpg )
Man you're a gold mine.

Would you like me to sticky some of your threads until tomorrow?
>> No. 1016
I would be glad

>> No. 1017
File 151206065558.jpg - (265.67KB , 1796x892 , Сним2323ок.jpg )
>I have another option to reduce the length of the page ..

There is a problem of moving links and division into two lines, because of this, posts are stretched and the page increases by 20-30%

I thought for a long time how to solve the problem, but I did not succeed ...
the only way out is to increase the size of the post area.

Each post is in a separate table.

If you add the values of the width of each post, you can save space, but I could not do this through CSS, perhaps you need to look in the template code.

Take a look at the screenshot.
>> No. 1018
>>1016 Done

>>1017 I'm already fapping to the idea but how? You can inspect kusabax code and let me know
Update: Hey how did you edit it in the preview then? Is the preview photoshopped?

>>1012 How to also reduce the size of the font date and post number to 8?

Also can you fix the post number link bug for us because it shows as for example as https://180chan.info/spam/res/861.html#i1017 when it should be https://180chan.info/spam/res/861.html#1017 (there an extra "i" before the post's number)
>> No. 1019
File 151206327778.jpg - (20.43KB , 288x154 , Сним343434ок.jpg )
add to img_global.css


it also reduces the author's name and thread name, because all the values in one block

10pt for selection .. but change it at your own discretion

post number

I do not see a problem with "i"

Probably you are just mistaken))

to copy the link to the post, you need to copy the link not from the message number, but from the icon No.
>> No. 1020
I don't wanna reduce titles and names so I'll leave it big then. But how come the title is much bigger than the author's name if they're all linked together?

How did you modify the preview in https://180chan.info/spam/res/861.html#1017 without css? Is the image photoshopped?

If you hover the mouse over a post's number it will change into a link. You can use this link to jump directly to a specific post in a long thread. The link works if you remove the "i" from it. For example https://180chan.info/spam/res/861.html#1013. I want the link that appears on the number to be the same as the link appearing on the "No", unless the "i" has some other purpose?

Edit: VK you can download kusabax from https://sourceforge.net/projects/kusabax/ if you wanna inspect the templates.

>> No. 1021
Oh, yeah, I just had not noticed.

CSS selectors in futaba.css
author's name = .postername
add font-size:*pt;

thread name = .filetitle

choose the desired font size after adding


not photoshop, I added values in the editor page in Google Chrome, on the screenshot is highlighted in yellow >>1017

there are two links:
the first is "No." = link to this post
the second link with the letter "i" = this is not a link, this is the command "onclick" - it enters in the field of the post ">>post_number" is a quotation system

I'll try to figure out the kusaba template a little later
>> No. 1022
File 151206748619.jpg - (15.65KB , 934x83 , sucks.jpg )
Adding "label" as 8pt shrunk the dates, poster name, and title name. I don't know how to shrink the date alone without messing around too much. I guess I'll leave it as it is it's not too bad.
>> No. 1023
yes, that's right, you reduce the label, and now increase the author's name and thread
.postername & .filetitle
>> No. 1024
No that's too much messing around. I don't like to change things a lot especially that it doesn't look too bad anyway. Let's focus on how to minimize scrolling with image spaces for now.
>> No. 1026
You can do that but it's easier to just tell me instructions here
>> No. 1028
I found the code I need, it is repeated in several files


what do you have from it?

I do not know which template is used by you, try one at a time

in these templates you need to change the lines:

<td class="doubledash">


<table class="posttableweight">
<td class="doubledash">
and add



>> No. 1029
VK I'm not even sure we need to change anything at all. I just had a quick look at /cg and /mir/ and only 4 posts seemed to have this problem. I don't know what causes it but do you think it's worth it to risk introducing bugs just to fix maybe 2% of posts?

I'd really hate to waste your effort and I admit I'm the one who asked you to go forward with the research but that's because I haven't had time for a thorough look. After your screenshot I thought every post on the board was like that.

I'm malleable and I'd still do it if there was a good reason and we're thinking this out together, do you think it's worth it?
>> No. 1030
File 15120748578.jpg - (160.35KB , 704x898 , 121.jpg )
maybe 2%, but this will reduce the long page by 12%,
if exactly 33612px => 29517px
(I made long screenshots of the pages before and after the changes)

In any case, it's up to you :)

I have long been cleaning links from unnecessary characters and using long file names to increase the width of the message area https://180chan.info/cg/res/7657.html
>> No. 1031
What the heck man I'm already getting the image on the right in https://180chan.info/cg/res/10206.html ! Are you getting the long version in all your browsers?

Guys please someone help us out. Which version of >>1030 do you see in your browser? There was a website which shows you how a site looks under different browsers but I forgot its name.
>> No. 1032
VK I now realize the problem with your approach. The posts brownish background is now always at 100% of the browser's width. It currently looks better with the background extending only to cover the author's post.
>> No. 1034
Yes, that's exactly how it will be. Did not you watch the video?)))
>> No. 1035
I watched it that's how I knew. I don't like it that way, now is much prettier.

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