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/spam/ ~ Forced to delete /cg/
File 150832114371.jpg - (133.58KB , 775x463 , trailoftears.jpg )
791 No. 791
Dear users,

We've been forced by our host to delete the entire /cg/ section. We're considering migrating to a new hosting company. You should still bookmark our emergency thread https://8ch.net/triforce in case anything happens to 180.

We have a backup of course and we're trying to convert the old databases and folders into a new domain and server. But I don't know how to "rebuild html files" for the new domain when it's not accessible yet. Should I start a fresh installation then drop its DBs and restore our DBs? Do the SQL DBs need modifying? A step by step guide would be great. If it works we could migrate 180 without any changes and have one of the two dead sites resurrected tomorrow under a new domain.
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>> No. 792
This is why you have to moderate what is posted here better. Do your job - Mod-er-ate.

No one is going to tolerate blatant CP sharing.
There are at least (3) recent threads that are sharing fully nude images and no effort is made to remove them.
96.75% of us are fine with true NN sharing. Worry more about us instead of the chaotic derelicts who know nothing about boundaries.

Absolute freedom = chaos.

No offense meant to my pedo friends. Or the mod.
>> No. 796
such a faggot, You find that there is someone working so hard to mantain the chan, an you have only complainigs?

I'm researching about this issues, so we all can help. I only hope someone with real knowledge abuout the specific matter could help.

This is the moment when all of the grateful users should be working to save the chan, not complainig fagggots who don't even share.
>> No. 797
File 150834378670.jpg - (2.51KB , 125x116 , myhat.jpg )
Thanks. Finally someone said it.

So I figured instead of installing everything from scratch on a new server I could try cloning an image for our server's HDD in its current state. I'm exploring a number of solutions to do that including rSync which is not very noob friendly and duplicity which sounds easier to apply.

However apparently you can do full disk mirroring without any utilities as described here https://askubuntu.com/questions/7809/how-to-back-up-my-entire-system or the last 2 solutions here https://www.maketecheasier.com/back-up-entire-hard-drive-linux/

Can anyone give any meaningful feedback on this? Is there an easy way to take a full server snapshot over SSH and restore it on a new server? Will this really restore all our files and databases on the new server just like they are currently or are we better off installing everything on a fresh OS?
>> No. 799
Why the fuck does the administration staff not know how to do any BASIC server management?

Why are you even fucking running the sites if you dont know how to do basic scripting and database management? You dont even know hwo to do basic html editing? What the fuck yo.
>> No. 800
I signed up for managing the daily tasks not for building a whole new network of sites from the ground up. Sites filled with entitled pests like you who offer no help at the time of need nevertheless.

You're under no obligation to visit a site which you believe its admins are incompetent. You're additionally welcome to create your own chan and show us what an awesome job an idiot such as you will be doing.
>> No. 801
Don't feed the trolls. Ignore this post.
>> No. 802
No disrespect, but I'm a bit older.
Gave up Days of Our Lives & Judge Judy for following the shenanikins here. Awesome entertainment dudes & dudesses.
Trail of Tears is my new Wallpaper.
p.s. anyone got a higher definition version?
oh, & G O O D L U C K !
>> No. 866
I can give you some advises how to run the server and prevent it from death.
Also, there is no such thing as abuseproof hosting. Deal with it.
How can I contact you anonymously? Without registration and other shit?
>> No. 867
Our email is at the bottom of every page. Sign up with a fake name at any privacy-friendly email provider and shoot us a message.

Edit: Another idea is to just post the message here and in it ask me not to publish it. I'll read it but not approve it.

>> No. 1065
To the geeky dude with a longass post, just create a throwaway account and email me. We can't communicate like this.
>> No. 1110
File 151298792215.jpg - (1.39MB , 1286x768 , 723062CE-C1F7-4FE0-B5FF-0C4D4E69B9B2.jpg )
>> No. 1111
I'd only been on there for a few minutes, then the whole site disappeared, I guess from all the candy posts

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