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/spam/ ~ What to do with /jb/?
File 151029754068.jpg - (2.54KB , 125x116 , myhat.jpg )
735 No. 735
I need some ideas about how we should define the rules of /cg/ vs /jb/. So /jb/ is supposed to be for candids but we also got some candid youtube vids on /cg/. Should we make videos an exception or move them so /jb/ is 100% candids? Also some shekeleers upload candid set files not individual photos to /jb/. Or should we just merge them together?
>> No. 843
Please don't merge, I have no use for jb candids.
That crap would just fill up an already busy CG forum.
separating videos out might be okay but like you said not all posters will comply.
>> No. 863
i double this
>> No. 959
What he said^ I'd like to add that I would LOVE a video only section sence video is pretty much all I really want. It can be a pain surfing through the sections trying to figure out what is video and what is a pic set.
You are doing a great job btw.
>> No. 960
We'll implement a video section only if overwhelmingly demanded. I don't want visitors going nuts for having to check 27 boards to be on top of what's new.

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