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/spam/ ~ Increased threads per page to 20
File 150992589871.jpg - (19.06KB , 193x200 , relaxed.jpg )
545 No. 545
We're getting much more posts under /cg/ and /mir/ now which is great, but I don't want users who visit once per day to have to repeatedly click through pages or view too many ads, nor do I want to overstress shekeleers who need to excessively bump to stay on page 1, so I increased the posts per page from 12 to 20. That's also a reminder that unless you block JS you can view, hide, quickreply and watch threads without having to actually click them.
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>> No. 787
File 15107950241.jpg - (4.87KB , 192x156 , wow.jpg )
Holy crap 60 /cg/ threads got updated in the last 24 hours. There's a mass shekeleer migration from shareshit. We increased threads per page to 25 to accommodate.

Meanwhile we got a 14% visitor growth last week and 180chan is now officially among alexa's top 100k. Thanks guys!!!
>> No. 788
It's great that you increased threads per page, I hope this will reduce the number of "beautiful thanks"
>> No. 870
File 151134210194.jpg - (91.40KB , 1500x1245 , pedo refugees.jpg )
Holy crap we've got 65 threads updated in the last 24 hours in /cg/ alone. I think every shareshit shekeleer and his dog have migrated here, and after their smartass admin joined a topchan in which we're also a member their users started flocking to us like geese to Mexico. Should I increase threads per page to 30 or would that be an overkill?
>> No. 901
Probably leave it at 25 threads now, this looks like it has greatly reduced the "beautiful thanks" spamming" plus for those using smaller screens might get put off by a scroll-fest. Maybe demand will even itself out/distribute more widely when 144 & 155 are back up and running.
>> No. 1141
Because of the recent refugee influx to the Triforce shekeleering is getting more profitable here and we've been getting about 60 threads updated in /cg/ every 24h recently. I realize that a lot of users are noobs who don't even know they could flip to next page and if it were entirely for me I'd adjust the number of threads per page to the average 24h updates but that'd be overkill.

If that heavy contribution level is sustained for the next few days I will finally take the bold step of adjusting threads per page to 30 which will help both noob users get moar and posters earn more shekel.

We're expecting 144chan back within 2 days so shekeleers eager for an easy spot on the front page could start new threads on 144 or 155.

>> No. 1175
File 15140266633.jpg - (18.21KB , 569x226 , alexa mod.jpg )
We're among Alexa's top 50,000 now, up 120,000 ranks in the last 3 months, meaning we go up 1300 ranks every fucking day. When is the madness gonna stop?
>> No. 1177
Better than Bitcoin.
>> No. 1222
File 151523569188.jpg - (5.00KB , 205x153 , alexa180.jpg )
We're among the top 40,000 global websites now, up from the top 50,000 in just 2 weeks! This is almost getting boring.

The country where we're most popular isn't Deutschland anymore it's now the land of the incarcerated free.

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