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/spam/ ~ NN agencies still in operation
File 150752766844.jpg - (127.25KB , 900x664 , dreamstudio.jpg )
296 No. 296
I share and download free sets but every few months I also join an agency to reward the producers and keep them going. Let's share info about nn agencies still in production here.

-http://fashion-land.net Apparently Russian. Highest quality on the market but also the highest price. The successor of TMTV, Candydoll, and Silver. Claim the ability to track who leaked their sets to ban them.
-http://dreamstudioportal.com High quality, artistic and reasonably priced Russian productions. I feel sorry for them as their siterips are everywhere.
-http://custom-teens.com / Vladmodels.tv A shadow of the former Russian Vladmodels, now only taking custom orders.
-Newstar / Tinymodel: Czech agency. Copyright trolls. Went as far as banning bitcoin to avoid piracy. Main sites are reasonably priced but milking customers via $20-a-piece clipmonster.net
-TPI / WALS: Very tame but cute Brazilian lolis. Sell sets and vids manually. Copyright trolls.
-teenmodels.club: American agency. Very tame outfits & very cheap pricing.
-Teenmodel.cc: Newest kid on the block. Not much is known about them but their stuff is downloadable via a simple depfile subscription. Apparently the make money from depfile partnership.
-Starsessions.com New agency but do they even exist? No sets have been leaked leading some people to think they're a scam.
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>> No. 297
>-http://fashion-land.net Apparently Russian

Nope, not Russian. A few of the models may have Russian ancestry, but the talent and studio is based in Kazakhstan.

>-http://dreamstudioportal.com High quality, artistic and reasonably priced Russian productions

If that's the studio I'm thinking of (Dolly, Nastia Mouse, Alina, etc), aren't they from Ukraine? I think the Odessa area. At least that's where Alina Balletstar had her shoots.

>-Starsessions.com New agency but do they even exist? No sets have been leaked leading some people to think they're a scam.

Not a scam. Just loyal purchasers who don't want to lose buying privileges. I've seen one of Maisies videos traded in a hoarding forum. They've been around since last fall too, so not really that new. Also, it's a hard web page to even view. I finally had to use a dutch proxy with javascript and cookies enabled just to view the damn page and download the samples haha. The only reason you see "leaks" from Fashion Land is because a sponsor was upset with the agency for some reason and purposely pirated what he bough, not really caring that he would be blacklisted.
>> No. 298
File 150753994521.jpg - (64.99KB , 457x685 , Anastasia_Fashion_Model_Set_026-_038.jpg )
Fashion-land: can kiss my ass for the bullshit hoops they make you go through to buy a set. Haven't bought from them nor will I.
dreamstudioportal.com: bores the hell out of me. Pretty girls but so fucking boring
custom-teens.com: is new to me. Looks like they only have a handful of models. I'll have to keep an eye out to see if they land anything new
TPI / WALS bores the hell out of me.
teenmodels.club bores the hell out of me
Newstar / Tinymodel: Oh how I long for the good old days. They still have some nice models but the videos (all I really want) are boring ass hell.
Starsessions.com: The best thing to come around in a long time. The new high res video is to die for. Only complaint I have is the videos range from 3:00 to 10:00 minutes long and some of the models have a tendency to look at someone off camera when they should be looking at the camera. Other then that I give them high marks. Cheap to at $10.00 a video or $15 a set.

I like this discussion. Lets keep it going.
>> No. 299
teenmodel.cc display old sets and videos that were clearly not made by them. It's true though you only need a depfile subscription and you can sweep everything plus many other models and webcam girls uploaded to dep.
>> No. 300
File 150756194967.jpg - (417.41KB , 1288x1936 , Alisa_27_053.jpg )
>dreamstudioportal.com: bores the hell out of me. Pretty girls but but so fucking boring
>> No. 302

>I like this discussion. Lets keep it going.

Why? You have basically called every currently running studio boring...
>> No. 305
I was hoping there might be something I don't know about yet.
And I didn't called them all boring. Almost all...
>> No. 306

nothing original, every thing I've seen is from other agencies they just put their water mark over
>> No. 308

>even though my posts average about 2500 downloads a day

What posts are you talking about?

And no one has mentioned Marvel Charm or Teen Marvel - where Silver and NS models go when they become legal.

Speaking of which, poor Hanna... she is past her sell by date IMHO. The only model at her agency who does anything for me is Emily.

Silver Showcase gives me a deceptive website warning. No thanks...


Let's see. You mention 7 studios. 4 are "boring as hell", 1 can "kiss my ass", 1 you're not sure of, and 1 you apparently like. Not much more room for discussion
>> No. 336
I love how you guys say that certain sites 'bores the hell' out of you or that it's 'lame' or 'too tame'. Do you want all the photographers to go to jail? Did it ever occur to you that if they went too far they would be arrested and shut down and then you would have nothing? I love how you guys sit back in your easy chairs in front of your computer and expect others to take legal risks so you can jerk off.
>> No. 348
Not one of them would dare take a picture of a topless girl or a girl posing risque and and post it along with their real name and address. But they sure as hell can sit behind their computer screens and complain that certain photographers are boring and lame.
>> No. 351
old guy here (they let me say stuff here, sharechan censors me, wtf)
You gotta roll with the punches a bit more boys & girls.
The pendulum swings. The swinging sixties when I went to festivals for love are gone.
I go to festivals now & none of the sweet girls want to do it with me.
Just cool down a bit & let the pendulum swing back in your fervor. Once trump sees this as a money spinner we're sweet agin.
>> No. 766
Will any of these studios allow a girl to take photos in translucent panties a la Katya of Vlad?
>> No. 848
Did anyone buy from custom-teens.com yet?

Looking for some custom video work, only legal of course.

Most studios either don't do customs or don't have girls i like.

Looking for 11-15yo girls and paying $1000 and up for the right videos.

If anyone knows a good studio to work with let me know and i will publish some custom work if allowed.
You can also privately tell me at [email protected]
>> No. 849
>>848 What's stopping you from buying a vid from custom-teens and sharing it here then? Or emailing the listed agencies and asking them. Are you trolling?
>> No. 850
Just found them and this thread here, was wondering if anyone was happy with their work.

I will share with the forum or person who gave me useful suggestions if i can. Not interested in trading, just buying custom stuff because i got some quite unique ideas.
If i find some good agency who can do what i want it will be very nice for every thin hebe lover i promise.
>> No. 864
I haven't gotten a custom from custom-teens yet, saving up since I spent all I had getting VIP with them. but the regular sets I got are ok.
>> No. 869
Yes, maybe ok but nothing special or worth ordering expensive customs from IMHO.
Trying to talk with them about some higher end 4k video work, but not sure if they are the right studio for this.

Maybe anyone here knows some photographer or agency which usually does regular teen fashion model work for companys?
I guess some of them might do some high quality bikini shootings with models if i tell them a good story or pay really really well.
You can either write it here or email me on the email listed in #848. Would love to exchange some info about experiences with agencys.
>> No. 902

did you try teenmodels.club?
>> No. 905
>premium only dl links


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