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/spam/ ~ 180 has no place for cheaters
File 151194914620.jpg - (369.53KB , 1168x1300 , gallows.jpg )
1066 No. 1066
Some posters may mistake my friendliness for leniency. They are wrong. We have zero tolerance for cheating here. Cheaters waste users time, rob hard working shekeleers, and undermine confidence in the whole system.

These threads have been locked for ghost bumping in the last week alone.

This thread has been warned:

And an undisclosed number of suspected threads are under observation.

I watch the board like a hawk. If you'd like to test this fact try false bumping your thread and you'll see it very quickly added to this list.

Edit: It's not cheating to update a thread which has been dormant for a long time. While that may or may not be the case for some locked threads it's not the reason they got punished.

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>> No. 1067
File 151195261924.jpg - (35.02KB , 636x358 , 18ixicxdyt75ljpg.jpg )
Do you see the IP address of the one who gives the "bump"?
And what if my ill-wishers will constantly "bump" my threads (or others), will you close the thread?

I see 4 thanks in a row in my NS thread ..

What is your "anti-cheat system"?
>> No. 1068
I can't disclose our discovery system for obvious reasons, I developed it myself after observing the pattern of a few cheaters. However it's enough to say that despite the tons of threads locked since I started watching for cheating last month we haven't gotten a single appeal meaning all the sentenced were guilty.

And no, implicating someone won't work. I'm not stupid to just lock any bumped thread with a couple of "tnks".
>> No. 1069
Hi, for a new user that dont know it take many hours to see his thanks, or request, maybe put many time without knowing. And what if a moron start to bumping all posts, will closes all?
>> No. 1070
Not sure I fully understand you here. I already explained that our cheating detection method has got nothing to do with mere bumping. If someone really thanked you or tried to implicate you by repeatedly bumping your threads they will not be locked.

100% of the locked threads were 100% guilty. We err on the side of caution which is why some threads are "under observation". I personally guarantee that unless you're cheating your thread will never be locked.
>> No. 1072
How can I delete their posts to replace them since I have removed a lot of preview ?

imgwallet,imgadult,imgdrive,imgtaxi replacement is required
>> No. 1073
File 151216675537.jpg - (2.58KB , 125x116 , myhat.jpg )
Three solutions:

1. Post the reups and report the old posts. Include your new reup post number as proof in the report.

2. Post using a tripcode to prove your identity and ask them to be removed in a new post.

3. Use a link shortner like VKv77 so you can update your links without having to reup.
>> No. 1087
File 151272699625.jpg - (19.97KB , 589x276 , Снимок5656.jpg )
Mod, what happened to the option for delete your post with password?
It is not convenient to delete posts using report ...

If I want to post a re-up\re-post with the same photos, I need to first delete the post, and then post, otherwise I get a duplicate error
>> No. 1088
You're right but you can thank the cheaters for that. They utilized this useful function to false bump and then delete their "tnks" so we don't notice. I uncovered their trick of course but instead of daily checking bumped threads I just disabled the delete function altogether.

If an overwhelming majority of shekeleers want it back I'll reintroduce it but you have to know that eliminating cheaters helps YOU not the chan. The chan gets its unsuspecting visitors anyway who won't notice false bumps but it's hardworking shekeleers who get screwed when their posts is pushed back by cheaters.

A nice solution already used by you is using link shortners so you can update/edit the links to the files without making new posts at all.

>> No. 1089
Thanks for the explanation.

According to my statistics, I noticed that the files I place with using link shortners have 50-60% less downloads than files with direct links, also some people can not go through link shortners...

So expect from me a lot of reports to delete my post :-)

I removed the duplicate error with a compressed preview, this changes the size by one byte. if someone needs this information.

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