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/spam/ ~ How to beat Imgmaze et al?
File 151227710121.jpg - (73.98KB , 620x436 , hurdles.jpg )
1061 No. 1061
Does somebody know any technique to circumvent the hideous hurdles that imgmaze, imgrock, imgdew and imgview impose to everyone that wants to see only a damn picture? It's utterly annoying to get dragged to another window full of crapware, and then another window, a pop-up, then another pop-up...and finally get not the wanted image but a bunch of old whores showing a distasteful flesh display, totally unrelated to the tender, candid look of a fresh girl.
If anybody solves this puzzle, he deserves the Nobel Prize!
Thanks in advance!
>> No. 1176
you may stay away from this sites/urls.
this are also money making sites = 10000 clicks 5 USD or something like that. just stay away, dont click there and if you receive bad attacking sites that block your browser put them (URL) in the security tabs of your browser as blocked/restricted sites. use taskmanager to end the processes and dont do it while downloading. its like a pestilence!
the whole thing is because you are here at the lowest and dirties level of our society.

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