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File 148925122829.jpg - (54.71KB , 576x690 , 53228914XdS.jpg )
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Hi, I have seen pictures being posted years ago, but for some reason I never came across the actual sets. This is one pic I found recently. I'd love to get the sets of these two girls. Thank you

File 148594713283.jpg - (106.48KB , 850x1954 , 148529273376.jpg )
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anything would be great
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>> No. 146
oh man...heavenly

would like to know also!
>> No. 147
File 148847380663.jpg - (661.23KB , 1424x2144 , nastya2_019s.jpg )
C'mon man, post this set please.
>> No. 148
File 148866617667.jpg - (156.97KB , 1068x1608 , gigi-053-001.jpg )
>> No. 149

Ned, stay in your own spam threads. Stop hijacking other threads with your damn models.
>> No. 150

>would like to know also!

Seriously? The post right above yours posted the correct answer 2 weeks before you even asked...

File 148307563846.jpg - (559.55KB , 4000x2000 , caroline.jpg )
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I have only ever found these three sets, does anyone have any other sets of her?
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>> No. 133
Seen them not too long ago at Candydoll or Share it's her only sets made by silver I think.
Maybe some FL but don't know and really never cared much for that stuff.
If I could post I would,well,it's a roulette every time what post going thrue or not as at every english board lately.......
>> No. 134
This board is locked down every other day it seems. =|

Considering what pop up ridden shit hole that Sharechan is, wish that this board would pick up again...
>> No. 138
No poups there just posts never showing up.
IF you're going to Share use FF and noscript plus adblock and don't ever disable the addons anywhere.
Promise no popups anywhere and no I'm not trying to be sarcastic just the crappy english:/
>> No. 142
Don't get any pop-ups on Share, then again don't see anything different posted there, or 180/144 or other boards. All the same old same old gets posted, 180 needs to find a USP if it is going to get back to where it once was
>> No. 145
Have'nt Caroline made something at FL???
Or did she stop modeling completely?
Just asking cause seems odd to make 3 sets and then poof she's out sort of.

File 148709739462.jpg - (465.58KB , 1000x1400 , Elona-Cosplay-2.jpg )
144 No. 144 hide [Reply]
Anyone have this set? It seems impossible to find ANYwhere?

File 148565924919.jpg - (5.87KB , 150x200 , 14144.jpg )
125 No. 125 hide [Reply]
Can anyone I'd her?
>> No. 136
Vladmodels Alisa-y042, the posted thumbnail is from an early custom set sometimes mis-titled as set 021.

File 148060854813.gif - (287.98KB , 450x253 , lihd4.gif )
64 No. 64 hide [Reply]
Looking for her unreleased vids.She has about 8 altogether give or take 1
>> No. 79
todavia no salen los videos.

File 146776187693.jpg - (15.51KB , 133x200 , 319.jpg )
8 No. 8 hide [Reply]
Does anyone happen to have this set?
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>> No. 61
File 148009897725.jpg - (624.79KB , 1333x2000 , IMG_9113.jpg )
If You WANT Them; YOU Gotta " KNOW " where TO Look.
all I Can Say Is This.
Some of These Locations AREN'T for The Tamed Hearted. Some Of The Locations Can Get People IN A HUGE MESS Of Things. Like LEA & Fed Time Were Talking. C'mon Where Else Do You Think THE " GOOD " Stuff Would Be Located. Again Its The CHAN Community. Except This Is CHAN Community No One Wants Cross Into That " DANGER ZONE " .
God Speed And Good Luck......

Ohh Just In Case If You Think I'm A Troll Or A Prankster Who's Fooling Around.
I've Given You A Sample.

Like The OTHER Poster Said. Its " the AMS HOLY GRAIL " Wave......Sine June.
>> No. 63
Fraid I don't share your optimism; been around Usenet and imageboards for a good few years and sharing these days is the quietest I've ever seen. The new stuff that does get shared is invariably on terrible hosts like Salefiles, Dailyuploads or Turbobit, also a heck of a lot of old stuff is getting put on these kind of throttled hosts as well.

Where did all the good sharers go? Like Zandman, Dragonite, Odds&Ends or Justdoit? Going back further, sharers like Wintermute, RacerX and Weener?

What's the alternative? Member-type forums like OnlyHot or ModelsForum? But then those places seem to actively encourage culling of sets, plus they're hedged around with rules and restrictions e.g. gotta make 20 posts before you're allowed to access all boards, and they want your email addy so they can fill up your inbox with 18+ spam.

Doubt if there will be another studio like AMS, following models from their early days.

Nope, not hopeful for the future...
>> No. 76
The only other seemingly half decent board was barracuda, but that seems to have gone down too. There was a message saying they had do go down and would be back, but had never happened. Does anyone know what happened?
>> No. 82

"Where did all the good sharers go? Like Zandman, Dragonite, Odds&Ends or Justdoit? Going back further, sharers like Wintermute, RacerX and Weener?"

Most of them I'd agree. But as far as "Z-man" and "justdoit", I totally disagree. In "Z's" case, it was quantity over quality. Sure, he'd post tons of links, but many of his sets were incomplete, or re-sized/re-compressed. Tell him that he's not sharing originals, he'd go ballistic on you. Justdoit just shared what he liked, i.e. bikini sets only. Ask him for the complete series, he'd tell you to pi$$ off.

The rest of your list, yeah, agree. Good posters. There was a Ceandydoll poster who didn't advertise himself, but would only share original material - at a time when it was hard to get their stuff.
>> No. 121
they've gone as none wants to share for free anymore

I've got 1 request and too bad I can't add a preview cause I don't got any at all
anyone knows if there's more then 1 video with Sugar 2???

File 147398376146.jpg - (129.25KB , 850x1280 , 1473983307001.jpg )
40 No. 40 hide [Reply]
search for sets of leah model
>> No. 54
She's cute. Hope someone has her sets. Thanks
>> No. 70
Plenty of her here: babymodels.judol.net

File 148011063912.jpg - (301.19KB , 669x1000 , diana_model_pinkoffshoulder_teenmodeling_tv_061.jpg )
62 No. 62 hide [Reply]
anything would be immensely appreciated!

File 148103277566.jpg - (457.24KB , 1000x1400 , 5554f89d40f84.jpg )
69 No. 69 hide [Reply]

Everyone has this wonderful set of Hanna, please?

Thanks in advance!

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