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/mir/ ~ Just sharing some of my collection: https://cuti...
File 151250929459.jpg - (852.75KB , 2000x3000 , ang_047014_jpg.jpg )
4523 No. 4523
Just sharing some of my collection:

All download links are non-shekeleer SELF HOSTED. Also no ads or anything to make profit.

Posting direct links here doesn't work, because of hotlink protection in nginx settings, so you need to click the link on the page to make download work.

Here's TPI Angelica post for example:
>> No. 4527
I see we've grown quite a bit. Even loli web admins are advertising posting in /mir/ now. Welcome aboard mate!
>> No. 4550
Thanks, Sup3rCut3 !
>> No. 4554
Cutieland.to is great! Thanks! No questionable content, no crappy money links and hoops to go through. 180chan could learn a lot from cutieland.
>> No. 4556
Indeed. Would you like me to shut down /cg/ for you? How about you learn from him and share a couple of sets instead of lecturing?

Sup3rCut3 would you mind linking to us on your site?

>> No. 4564
That's actually awesome! Great site, thanks! Hope it grows
>> No. 4632
would love to see the FashionLand Angelica posted there.
>> No. 4679
Epic link!! Many thanks! Was there for hours!

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