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/mir/ ~ Bookmark our emergency link NOW
File 151180525140.jpg - (81.94KB , 643x900 , unclemod.jpg )
3997 No. 3997
Everyone must bookmark our emergency link https://8ch.net/triforce where we'll post updates in case 180chan.info goes down before 144chan.org & 155chan.info (with its unmoderated /hebe/!) are restored hopefully within a week. If shit hits the fan real hard we could be migrating to a new name like 180chan.xxx or whatever and you won't have a way of knowing where we've gone without the emergency board.

If you're so lazy you can't even make 2 clicks to bookmark just remember it's our network's name which is triforce on the infamous site 8ch.net. That makes 8ch.net/triforce
>> No. 4879
You'd have to be retarded if you haven't bookmarked the emergency link until now. Also bookmark 155's new address https://155chan.top because you may one day not even find 180 to copy the address from, and then you'd have to go to 155 to know 180's new address.

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