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File 15021887197.jpg - (96.44KB , 1050x697 , lv1.jpg )
259 No. 259 ID: d1b39a
pass LeeVika
>> No. 260 ID: baf428
>> No. 263 ID: 1de171
there are two sets missing, does anybody know why?
>> No. 266 ID: 971d1c
Because I'm running out of space on my HDD I tend to delete mediocre sets. If it's not there it means it wasn't worth it
>> No. 267 ID: 712654
is there anybody out there, who can post the missing sets?
>> No. 271 ID: 86fc47
With Erika, from the same series, the couple of missing sets you usually have are due to the fact a 'guest' model is included in the series in those sets. It's quite likely the same with this girl.
>> No. 277 ID: 11e74e
I don't know - is there?

If you gave some information about which sets are in the archive or which sets aren't then maybe someone can post the missing sets. I'm not going to download an archive to see what's missing, you want missing sets - show some initiative and make it easy for someone to help you.
>> No. 291 ID: 989183
set 2 and set 6 missing
>> No. 292 ID: d15279
Unfortunately I'm also missing sets 2 & 6, sorry.

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