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/mir/ ~ Sets?
File 150700557917.jpg - (204.90KB , 1024x1524 , falater_001.jpg )
1634 No. 1634
searching for these sets
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>> No. 1635
File 150700866674.jpg - (55.69KB , 1024x683 , falater_002.jpg )
same studio
>> No. 1736
File 150718168050.jpg - (193.82KB , 1024x1534 , falater_003.jpg )
many sets
>> No. 1792
File 15073603967.jpg - (275.55KB , 1024x1379 , falater_004.jpg )
still looking
>> No. 1818
What studio are they? I don't recognize the "falater" file names.
>> No. 1826
ya I agree they are very very cute
>> No. 1828
File 150752762767.jpg - (136.32KB , 630x864 , falater_006.jpg )
tmc model
>> No. 1829
File 150752780572.jpg - (183.05KB , 666x1089 , falater_005.jpg )
i don't know either, photos are dated 2013, but they use same models as teenmodels club, but only the cute ones. they might be the first tmc models. don't know the history.
>> No. 1831
That one is Kelly. She has some TMTV shoots that were re-released as TMC sets. Maybe a dozen TMC sets + a couple videos. Definitely a sexy girl.
>> No. 1845
File 15076262865.jpg - (58.64KB , 1024x682 , falater_007.jpg )
can't find these first 3 models on the tmc site.
>> No. 1846
File 150762639260.jpg - (84.10KB , 1023x596 , falater_008.jpg )
>> No. 1861
I recognize a few of these models from pics that Ned of teenmodel.club used to spam at different boards, or when he shared nn sets of other agencies he would add a folder with a few images of girls like these. Must be Ned's work.
>> No. 1862
File 150771688557.jpg - (153.86KB , 1024x756 , falater_009.jpg )
moar spam plz. spam the whole set.
>> No. 1880
Yep, I agree that the TeenModel stuff usually just seems a bit lame.
That said, some of the models make you wish the site was not a bit lame.
I honestly can't make a decision if the "Ned' is inept or just over cautious combined with too much naivety. As time goes on I'm more inclined to think he just lost the plot early.
& I'm not intending offence to him.
>> No. 1886
File 150778814671.jpg - (55.37KB , 1024x682 , falater_010.jpg )
tmc website looks like a high school lineup with average looking teens. i'm looking for these particular sets, and none other.
>> No. 1887
Your asking in the wrong place.
I've never seen TMC shared on a free host.
usually it's take what you can get - not by request.
>> No. 1888
File 150781325652.jpg - (94.21KB , 1024x743 , 55755735UeM.jpg )
All I have
pw - tmc

>> No. 1920
File 150820053452.jpg - (293.24KB , 712x1072 , aya11_84.jpg )
So tell me how much experience you have in being a teen model photographer and in running a teen modeling website for profit? Oh let me guess...NONE? Yet you're just so full of such sage advice about how Ned should run his site and how he's being overly cautious and that his sets are lame. Excuse me, where are your sets again? Oh, you have none. That's right, you have none. Have you worked with a teen model and her parents during a shoot? No? Have you gotten the advice of a lawyer about what sets are legally comfortable to post and what is not? No? Do you know the costs in involved in running the site? The host, the domain, the security, the software, the credit card processing, the accounting, the taxes, etc. NO? No experience there either? How about in photography? None? Do you think you could crank out 3,000 pictures a day and maintain at least half decent quality? Could you do that for 30 days straight with no day off? No, you can't? But gee, you're just so full of advice about how to run and maintain a teen modeling website, aren't you? I think I can speak for all photographers and website owners when I tell you to STFU and go back to flipping burgers.
>> No. 1930
Whoa there! Do you have any idea how much goes into a really good burger flipping operation.
>> No. 1936
File 150829801576.jpg - (307.82KB , 1024x1537 , falater.jpg )
some of you have a reading problem, this isn't a tmc thread. OP is requesting falater sets, whatever studio that is. but, since nobody is posting them, i guess they were just random pics posted as spambait to attact people to his website. maybe someone should post a index as proof that they are full sets.
>> No. 3415
File 151109626495.jpg - (726.71KB , 2013x3272 , cover b.jpg )

>> No. 4044
You are a ranting moron, who couldn't get a job at Walmart in December. Take your own advise, and STFU!
>> No. 4116
if tmc wanted to improve their model lineup, they should add more foreign and exotic looking ladies with a eastern europe look.
>> No. 4181
File 15120637868.jpg - (128.75KB , 428x644 , arianna43_124.jpg )
You stupid idiot! Almost every single model on teenmodels.club for the last year is from Russia and the Ukraine! LOL It's amazing how full of shit you guys are. About EVERYTHING.
>> No. 4195

Falater is teenmodelsclub. one site leads to the other.
>> No. 4257
probably same ranting moron>>1920
>> No. 4294
any one ever get customs from TMC? How are they?
>> No. 4384
I got customs from TMC and it was good for what I wanted. But he won't do risque or what he considers to be risque. He's almost overly careful. So it depends what you want far as customs. The quality was excellent for what I got.
>> No. 4417
how much was a custom set?
>> No. 4631
200 bucks or so.
>> No. 4903
File 15131209001.jpg - (309.42KB , 1066x1600 , 69.jpg )
The girl in the first pic goes by the name Ashley (and I guess the pic was taken about 18 months ago). Not her real name, of course, because no Ukrainian girl would be called that. She also went under a Japanese sounding name previously. The attached pic was taken this month.
>> No. 4910
it says her model name in the corner of the pic: Aya.
>> No. 4919
the girls name - it's the studios name. errare humanum est
>> No. 5032
Aya is the Americanized version of her name. Most studios, including my own, change the name of the model to protect their privacy. She is a gymnast from Kiev, Ukraine. It's obvious from the backgrounds and settings that recent models in my studio are in Ukraine or Russia.

I agree with post 1920, everybody is an expert in things they know nothing about.
>> No. 5076
they look ugly and gipsy
>> No. 5080
File 151353632322.jpg - (263.65KB , 2848x4288 , kelli8_028.jpg )
To each their own. I think teenmodels.club has some of the most beautiful new models I've ever seen.
>> No. 5081
File 151353640182.jpg - (337.37KB , 2848x4288 , aubrey17_097.jpg )
>> No. 5094
File 151360468171.jpg - (149.56KB , 1172x720 , aubrey.jpg )
He does some award winning photography. Look at this example. Truly spectacular.
>> No. 5213
File 151393513067.jpg - (658.96KB , 1687x927 , beth1_pics.jpg )
It's a bit comical how some anon's go after Uncle Ned like a rat up a drainpipe.
I must admit he's a bit intense & 'circuitous'.
FULL marks for effort though.
Here's one I use as desktop sometimes.
>> No. 5319

that's one of the worst wallpapers i have ever seen. awful late 90s style photography.
>> No. 5330
File 151432722671.jpg - (131.69KB , 634x768 , Jazz Teen Girl with Something Extra.jpg )
>>>5213 If you're into young shemales, this one's hotter.
>> No. 5346
File 151439151850.jpg - (123.56KB , 855x1287 , polina 162ss.jpg )
Totally. Ned sucks balls. Look at this shit. I'm fucking laughing at him. God, I just want to kick his ass.
>> No. 5348

I dont know what's worse, the 80s glamor shot photography style or the fact he spent so much time Photoshopping her face that he forgot to edit out her self harm marks.
>> No. 5359
Well there's a guy taking photos of girls & making an ass of himself trying to make it work.
& there's a guy making an ass of himself, figure it out.
>> No. 5365
File 151448339228.jpg - (233.02KB , 626x889 , kiome.jpg )
If you ask me you are jealous. The guy travels around the world taking pictures of cute girls. We should be so lucky.
>> No. 7324

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