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File 149263207260.jpg - (4.69KB , 181x200 , wow.jpg )
151 No. 151 ID: 2abdb0
Posts on 155chan.info now appear automatically without screening or waiting time.
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>> No. 175 ID: d76862
How would we find the onion site?

I hope it won't be filled with cp shit else I wouldn't feel comfortable going there.
>> No. 176 ID: eccef7
going on the deepweb is a fail idea.
>> No. 177 ID: 13ccfb
redirect or text from 155

Unfortunately this is not at all debatable. I have made my decision.
>> No. 180 ID: baa82b
Why is a bad idea to go into DEEPWEB?

Will be more harder to find advertisers.

Mostly of your followers barely knows how to open a browser.

More post from people posting CP.

you will be in the eye of the cops.

And you will be in the eye of the antis also.
>> No. 181 ID: 93f86d
what's the onion address?

is it going to be listed in topic links (probably yes)?

is there still post screening (the most annoying feature)?
>> No. 185 ID: 7a68af

>> No. 190 ID: 544d97
File 149478370880.jpg - (1.10MB , 1200x1800 , SofiyaV16_059.jpg )
I guess if you are into cheese pizza this will be good for you. For the rest of us who just like pretty girls we will just have to find another place to go
>> No. 206 ID: baa82b
>> No. 207 ID: 2abdb0
File 149626757870.jpg - (10.57KB , 168x299 , from the ashes.jpg )
I'm working on an 8chan replacement. It should be functioning within 3 days. The address will be librechan.co
>> No. 208 ID: fc0289
It's already 2nd of June and triforce is still running.
>> No. 209 ID: f3b30c
Yeah, maybe Avery/Guyver has had his meds stabilized....
>> No. 211 ID: bf4b86
Hell, Admin said Triforce was going down on the 31st May - but he never said what year!!!

It was probably all a ploy to get some more bitcoins!
>> No. 212 ID: 603eb3

why are you so fucking retarded? how many more times do i need to tell you that avery and guyver aren't the same person?

do you REALLY think avery would make an ED page about himself? have you ever seen avery have even one remotely creative / talented bone in his body? has there ever been incredible amazing videos made by avery? no there fucking havent. stop being a fucking sperge, shut your god damn stupid fucking holes. avery is NOT the guyver. he fucking WISHES he was.

/ the REAL Guyver
now forever shut the fuck up you stupid faggot by thinking and saying avery would be the guyver. fuck off!!!!
>> No. 216 ID: ac76d8
Is this still a thing or what's going on?

And what about triforce moving to onion?
>> No. 217 ID: 715a91
So why this site 99% spam?
>> No. 219 ID: 6d0b11
Yes it still is. But there's been substantial delay because I'm seeking the help of a security-guru friend so as not to end up getting hacked like 8chan. Problem is he's very busy but promised we could have the site hardened by the weekend.
>> No. 220 ID: 13ccfb
Well yeah it was partly a ploy to get some bitcoins. But also all the kiddy porn reports went wayyy down for a long while.

Anyway, I have no idea how to open an onion except maybe with a knife and a cutting board.

Yeah maybe I meant 2018!!!
>> No. 229 ID: 4ba0f2

you're such a fucking liar, avery.

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