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/loli/ ~ ElsaGate
File 151155264156.jpg - (94.15KB , 759x706 , elsagate.jpg )
96 No. 96
Just came across this hilarious community

Looks like youtube is cracking down on the vids.
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>> No. 108
File 151277804319.jpg - (339.41KB , 1240x1234 , yt comments disabled.jpg )
Not only YT is deleting videos, they are CENSORING comments by using a new strategy: they write Comments are disabled for this videoon the comments section, and nobody can write any comment.
There were many videos, mainly of little girls doing gymnastics, showing their "Morning Routines", bathing or simply playing with anything...all of those videos had before many comments of sexual nature (and the average user are, by the YT point of view, not intended to express any sexual desire about the girls of the video). That amount of comments triggered an angry response from certain people, concerned about the "innocence" of the little girls (despite the fact that many of those girls, mostly "Tweens", know more about sex by looking at the magazines, TV shows, movies and the Internet than their parents), and asking Youtube to kill those comments.
That measure is really intended to advance the total censorship and surveillance of the Web, by manipulating the fears and feelings of people, and using the usual useful idiots called SJWs.
>> No. 118
this is what happens when you let money hungry advertisers control your social media, they censor everything they don't like. just imagine if places like instagram added adveristment, you will soon find albums disappearing because they don't agree with their advertisers.
>> No. 153
the biggest fortunate thing and most useful strategy YT had implement recently, is DISABLE COMMENTS, i still dont understand what kind of as***le keep writting sh*t inside YT, just watch and enjoy the clips, why you have to tell the girls sh*it.... and also, thinking that all the girls are sexualised are the most biggest stup*d thing people do, people who think these way, are the one who ask the girls in YT to make some sexy clips? are they trying to help YT censor things and make the girls stop doing these NATURAL clips?

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