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File 150238629954.jpg - (792.10KB , 1152x1728 , abby-156-001.jpg )
6467 No. 6467 ID: 19cbb8
Is it just me or is this Douche Bag from NewStar a royal prick , Threatening to shut this site and that site down for posting sets of his models causing him to not get rich off the exploiting of his models, are you kidding me ? He sounds like a little hall monitor gonna tell on everyone if we dont do what he wants . Since when did we need his approval to post anything ? Ill post what ever I want it costs him a lot of money to go through the process of shutting chans down and on top of that he has to put himself out as a common pimp wanting the govt to protect his right to exploit little girls online !?! F him in his A ! I'm going to start dropping sets of Abby and Gabrielle around so be looking for em . I got vids too .
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>> No. 6468 ID: 81bbc7
F*** Yeah!
>> No. 6469 ID: 9d0ec5

thats gonna be hard considering avery has a deal with the newstar lad.
>> No. 6475 ID: a09b6d
de girls gots small pay one time for per set. he get all da profit mon
>> No. 6480 ID: 2d17b3
File 15024512338.jpg - (845.80KB , 2000x1045 , fashionlandlies.jpg )

its even simpler than that: he buys the sets from some photographer in eastern europe, same as that fashion [email protected] dude.

its very simple, go on vk.com find a photographer, buy sets, put your own stupid watermark on it and sperge out like fashion [email protected] does with stories of mountains of gold for these little girls and fake "sponsoring" of the girls you can do and "have your own studio".

and make lots of $$$ shekellllllsssss $$$
>> No. 6481 ID: a2e79e
File 15024545657.jpg - (445.74KB , 1824x1216 , abby-152-041.jpg )
I agree with OP I never gave a shit about the Company I was stealing and sharing sets because of the dicks that exploit these girls in the first place They always have this holier then thou attitude like they are doing us a favor when They are truly in every since the worst kinda parasite their is, a common pimp he's just doing it from the safety of his mothers basement/NewStarWorld Headquarters The Corporate office where with the pathetic whine and a whimper he can shut down chans like his hero KIM JUNG Ill thats who I picture when he goes on his rants about how he supported some model thru the years of maximum mind fukk and manipulation until she figured out what a pimp is and that there were never any quarters in his front pocket for her no matter how hard she looked that's the lunacy in all this how he's the hero and were at his behest for over the years of over charging his ppl for the bare minimum in creativity effort and bizness skills practices and ethics in theory of course but please can I get a video of a confused little kid nervously dancing with an air of confusion that you cant script even if you wanted to and the person who chooses those musicl numbers should be taken out back and systematically be shot in the head (in the ears anyway) and set on fire in the street .Now I dont want to seem to critical But at no point in time will i ever feel sorry for him or even consider that dude a hero or even a human he' has no power over what I post who I post or where I post Im gonna start dropping abby sets in various threads that have nothing to do with Ns models in places like SW or Spam or anywhere I want I have up to 277 of Abby and up to 289 for gabby and videos of both .so be lookin in the last places you would expect Ill do it at weird times its a lot of work to do when itll be taken down by all the mods he has on his dick ! Shame on all of you for fearing his empty threats it cost between 5 and 8 grand for an attorney to do anything and how many attorneys are gonna go along with a nazi douche bag crying that ppl are exploiting his exploitation of sweet little girls who actually believe there careers might make it out of this douche bags basement but alas they still have yet not one has been able to breach the world of fashion modeling through all of his hard tireless work on their behalf It's almost comical and disturbing at the same time I think thats why I cant help but to fuck with this heavyweight in the fashion industry the level of self righteous douche bag this guy maintains is almost impressive and he needs to fade back under what ass hole he crawls out of to tell me what I can do with the sets I stolen from him because he makes it easy. I dont need a little bitch motherfucker to tell me what to do ... .
>> No. 6483 ID: f3b30c
>wall of text
wew lad
>> No. 6486 ID: 486268
Looks to me FL posted the photo 2 days before the guy on vk. So he probably stole their photo not vice versa.
>> No. 6487 ID: 86fc47
We don't "fear his empty threats". We know both Newstar and WALS are full of hot air but we remove their DMCA's because it truly is their hard work. If they took the time and effort to monitor the board and reported a post then it's only fair for us to remove it. We're trying to make an honest buck by running a fun board without hurting anyone financially or psychologically.
>> No. 6490 ID: 4e317f
fucking freeloaders trying to get shit for free smh get a job
>> No. 6492 ID: 14e7e9
File 150247230527.jpg - (597.12KB , 1216x1824 , abby-169-001.jpg )
do you have this set?
>> No. 6502 ID: 9d0ec5

do you have eyes? ah no you're prolly the fashion [email protected]


cool story fart lover, can you tell it again?
>> No. 6508 ID: 105d3e
I have never visited those boards. Are you gonna do it on all three sites? I have A up to 157 and G up to 259. Try to drop some hints, okay? Thanks!
>> No. 6513 ID: 105d3e
'without hurting anyone financially or psychologically' Personally he's hurting HIMSELF financially because he's not letting those who have posted the models in the past join any sites, hence, psychologically, he's already a broken man.
>> No. 6528 ID: 9d0ec5

top greg, try Avery because i'd never write a word salad like that.


>> No. 6532 ID: c9773e
What a stupid thread. :o
>> No. 6533 ID: cb8606
This seems to be the thread to "air out" about NS.

It's funny how re-posting sets wasn't such a big deal prior to 2014, I mean he didn't lurk and threaten the boards, or pull down posts, or whine like a little school girl about loss of income.

NS insists his revenue loss is due to re-posters, when it's actually the loss of the old photographer's eye for pretty girls and those types of models. He had a good relationship with the girls, but the new one doesn't have any of that. You can see it in the lack of the models willingness to perform for the camera.

The new models, appear as though most are from the same extended family and most are Not Hot.

NewStar is a Douchnozzle. He needs to get his shit together and find a new photog if he wants to continue to expliot the girls. IMHO
>> No. 6534 ID: 15e191
NS used to be good, but they haven't adapted to modern day. All girls wear the same cloths, all the videos are them doing the same dancing, mostly. NS is boring now. And the cloths are tame, no risky cloths are worn any more.

NS should take notes from Star Sessions, those girls are cute, cloths are risky, videos are combination of posing and moving around and are very long.
>> No. 6536 ID: e50b1c
File 150269515261.jpg - (35.80KB , 270x360 , conservative_dress.jpg )
The decay of NS and TM (and other agencies as well) regarding to the "tame" posing and clothing has a possible explanation: the child protection laws around the globe. In the USA, for instance, having children's photos in one's private collection is deemed a sign of being a pedophile, and the owner of that collection may be sent to jail under "allegedly child molester" charges. And I'm referring to "tame" images, such as the ones in department store catalogs. Imagine what the case would be if the images were of children in underwear, bathing suits or, worse, no clothes at all!
But, at he same time, we have Toddlers and Tiaras, and similar shows. So contradictory!
Yes, before 2014 models like B4MB1 did "risky" posing, and daring videos too. But in order to comply with the (hypocritical) new laws about children, perhaps NS decided not to do risqué photos/videos, and that may be the reason why the dances New B4MB1 does only consists of stale movements of her body (Same goes to N1KK1 and CUT1E, 4BBY and KR1SSY dances are a little more daring, I guess). I remember 3RIN and 2nd CUT1E photos, and I keep living in the past.
Damn "children protection" laws, made up by the UN and the powers that be...they monitor the clothes of children, instead of keep them from diseases, famine and wars!
>> No. 6537 ID: b2d2f2
Nobody did steal anything ... and >>6480 does know that very well. If he saw that girls VK he knows that she is very close to the FL photographer and from time to time models herself. That pic does proof that they told the truth - not the other way round.
>> No. 6539 ID: 3b3b29
I'm looking for starsessions..... would you mind sharing some?
>> No. 6541 ID: 9d0ec5

oh really fashion [email protected]? the fact that she showed all the bears in her room before you [email protected] posted it on your [email protected] website claiming you went christmas shopping for them all day doesn't mean anything?

i know exactly who that girl was she had NOTHING to do with [email protected] NOR candydoll, shes just FRIENDS with ELONA irl. she posted a couple of pictures from the bears of her room, your BRABANT NETHERLANDS [email protected] ASS stole one of the pictures and claimed you went CHRISTMAS SHOPPING for the GIRLS.

your BRABANT ASS doesn't have anything to do with them, you ARE NOT in personal contact with them but only with the same PHOTOGRAPHER MAX who did most of the candydoll sets. you buy the sets of him, then rake up the price IMMENSELY to sell them off

>> No. 6543 ID: b2d2f2
File 150272528823.jpg - (781.62KB , 2920x1947 , xmasparty1516.jpg )
You seriously should seek some medical help.

Explain the picture ...
>> No. 6544 ID: 3b3b29
File 150272996911.jpg - (109.18KB , 380x795 , 150272528823.jpg )
who is this model?
Anyone can share????
>> No. 6545 ID: 26fd93

ik kom je van het weekend even op zoeken, kan je het persoonlijk uit leggen.

ik weet waar je woont.
>> No. 6556 ID: 15e191

some one needs some anger management
>> No. 6576 ID: ff5693
No. 6487

The thing about the DMCA request is most board owners dont know the law on it. There has been several lawyers over the years post the law and the case rulings on it all the way to the US supreme court.

The biggest confusion comes from the confusing the DMCA, with a site owners terms of service. If you agree not to post share or store off site when you sign up to buy, then you violate the TOS not the DMCA, Big difference, and you cannot be sued over a TOS violation under the law.

It basically comes down to is the difference in... not the depriving of the copy owner sales or income,,, but if the posting/sharing makes income for the one doing it.

The DMCA does not cover lost sales, but illegal profit from use of others copyrighted material.

All US courts have adopted the standard and rule that as long as the copyright item is being used as intended it is not a violation, and that images are meant to be viewed so the viewing by others is not a violation. That includes a case involving uploading images to snap fish, and that by doing so and allowing others to see the images was not a violation of the DMCA, an images purpose is to be viewed.

All the boards are covered under that, if the websites primary function is images; than the viewing of images is a necessary part of the site. So if a person buys the images and uploads them for storage, or post them on FB, or VK, Insta, etc., or any internet based site as a form of storage it is not a violation. They are not required to hold them for their eyes only viewing, nor restricted to a storage site that only allows one viewer.

A prime example the court used was if I buy a set, and print them off with my photo printer, and show them as i walk around town, i have not violated the DMCA.

A lot of issues and banning , and or deleting of post, could be avoided of more owners understood the law, and not the HYPE spewed by site owners, Rebel shooter was the one that started most of it.
And the funny thing is he was called out numerous times to produce case numbers on all the wins he claimed, and could produce only one, and he had lost that one and in the end and was forced to pay the others atty fees.

forgive the length.
>> No. 6582 ID: 2d17b3
tl;dr avery is a sellout

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