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/spam/ ~ the fuck happened to the rest of the site? ...
File 14591160859.png - (10.05KB , 480x386 , 1456111526727.png )
77 No. 77
the fuck happened to the rest of the site?
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>> No. 78
ENOM - too many reports
>> No. 82
File 145996319043.gif - (439.92KB , 500x400 , mpjp5.gif )
Admin why you do not update this site more often. We spent all day making your post and nothing to approve. please try to update this site at least once a day.
>> No. 94
File 146092397413.jpg - (113.72KB , 1280x720 , 1280x720_please.jpg )
please reopen the others boards.
>> No. 95
File 14609588245.jpg - (75.50KB , 512x384 , alissap.jpg )
AlTeRnAtIvE cHAn in Real Time:
>> No. 97
admin need about $30 or $40 asap to save the triforce domains at least, for now.
>> No. 99
File 146108955158.jpg - (93.88KB , 638x479 , time-to-block-ad-block-7-638.jpg )
Hi I think you should put a message in which you indicate to users that should disable ad-block to visit this site, so you avoid the hassle to be asking for money to others. Donations should be voluntary. I know there are many here who would like to donate but with low traffic of visits is impossible. Please restructures your sites, ad-block is ruining both you and the posters. there are many people living with what they earn in this site, do not let it die.
>> No. 110
I'll try

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