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File 148307563846.jpg - (559.55KB , 4000x2000 , caroline.jpg )
81 No. 81
I have only ever found these three sets, does anyone have any other sets of her?
>> No. 85
She only did the 3 sets for SS.
>> No. 86
Did she do any other sets for anyone else?
>> No. 95
Adelina at Candydoll.....
I don't have any CD stuff BTW
>> No. 99

Are you serious? Caroline is NOT Adelina at CD. Adelina is Kristall from Silver. Caroline looks nothing like her. I hope I never need you to identify someone from a line up. smh


Sadly, I haven't seen anything but the 3 sets. I'd like to see what she looks like now (same with Cheri B. from CD).

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