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File 148307563846.jpg - (559.55KB , 4000x2000 , caroline.jpg )
81 No. 81
I have only ever found these three sets, does anyone have any other sets of her?
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>> No. 85
She only did the 3 sets for SS.
>> No. 86
Did she do any other sets for anyone else?
>> No. 99

Are you serious? Caroline is NOT Adelina at CD. Adelina is Kristall from Silver. Caroline looks nothing like her. I hope I never need you to identify someone from a line up. smh


Sadly, I haven't seen anything but the 3 sets. I'd like to see what she looks like now (same with Cheri B. from CD).
>> No. 122
post 99
she's prolly mom by now thought you've seen her latest social photos looked like she where expecting twins but told it's 1 baby
>> No. 129
Does anyone of you have these 3 sets?
>> No. 130
File 148605890733.png - (63.68KB , 400x400 , ssl.png )
Admin here,
I need about $20 to $40 to pay the SSL if anyone would please help with that,
The Bitcoin donate address is: 15bKFUYiqs1BN27oHpvHdCTk9KFsunPoem
>> No. 133
Seen them not too long ago at Candydoll or Share it's her only sets made by silver I think.
Maybe some FL but don't know and really never cared much for that stuff.
If I could post I would,well,it's a roulette every time what post going thrue or not as at every english board lately.......
>> No. 134
This board is locked down every other day it seems. =|

Considering what pop up ridden shit hole that Sharechan is, wish that this board would pick up again...
>> No. 138
No poups there just posts never showing up.
IF you're going to Share use FF and noscript plus adblock and don't ever disable the addons anywhere.
Promise no popups anywhere and no I'm not trying to be sarcastic just the crappy english:/
>> No. 142
Don't get any pop-ups on Share, then again don't see anything different posted there, or 180/144 or other boards. All the same old same old gets posted, 180 needs to find a USP if it is going to get back to where it once was
>> No. 145
Have'nt Caroline made something at FL???
Or did she stop modeling completely?
Just asking cause seems odd to make 3 sets and then poof she's out sort of.

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