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File 147525365765.jpg - (28.30KB , 285x429 , ariannau_0449.jpg )
44 No. 44
New girl
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>> No. 58
File 14796551015.jpg - (141.24KB , 589x548 , mandksample_0418.jpg )
>> No. 71
File 148148191730.jpg - (99.49KB , 570x858 , zara6_088s.jpg )
>> No. 84
LOL love it when Ned requests his own models...
>> No. 89
File 148419186120.jpg - (6.75KB , 276x183 , bitch-please.jpg )
Dafuq is dis shit? A site owner requesting her own material?
>> No. 100

Seriously. Ned is the owner/photographer of teenmodels dot club. He's a shameless promoter at every chan board, going as far as purchasing space for banner ads. He even posts sets from other agencies, and adds similar previews to his file. Yet if someone tries to share his crappy material, he has it taken down in 24 hours. he has a few decent looking models, but he's the worst photographer ever...

And here he is again requesting his own shite. Business must be slow. This guy is as bad as Sherri, Marie, and Hope models Mom who used to lurk in forums asking anon what they thought of the models. lol
>> No. 110
File 148478216443.jpg - (397.52KB , 2848x4288 , marijyne11_026.jpg )
Funny to see you still butthurt that you're out of business and Ned is not, Jimmy (lightmeter) Grady. Still trying to say his photography sucks when in fact, you still can't get into Photography Magazine while Ned won three awards there already. ! Get over it Jimmy boy, you drink too much and you're models suck.

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