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File 139817405632.jpg - (51.26KB , 382x650 , vic1.jpg )
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Hi, who has more of her ? I only know her name is Victoria
>> No. 912
File 139833636660.jpg - (102.74KB , 564x286 , derpy.jpg )

I guess she'd be pretty in the 80s.

File 139759981598.jpg - (77.42KB , 630x575 , Joffrey---we-will-never-s-010.jpg )
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I am Sitting on a Gold-Mine of Vladmodels, I'm posting this here knowing there are connections to the family Chan's 155 & 144. In the past I have posted pic by pic, various sets on the now defunct OJB chan. A few years ago I requested help with the uploading process, Only to be answered by opaque skinned " Snot Nosed " Pricks ( living in caves, cleaning their AR15's waiting for Mommy to dote on them ) with typical ( of them ) rude words " Learn To Internet Asshole ! " -
It's been 3 years of " Well, Then, Fuck You ! " - And I'm ready to try this again. I just ask for some Simple Fucking Help with the uploading process, How to I remain a ghost? - ( and No, Proxy's and IP changes wont work.)
I want what I have, In your hands, safe & legal , I'd like to remain reasonably anonymous ( Like some help with the Uploaders E-Mail anonymity ? ) I seriously Want to use Zippyshare so's you get it fast. - ( And yes, I Have " That" Vlad Set too !) - And I Don't want any fuckin' $ from any filehost
Walk me thru the U/L Process, just keep it in Layman's terms, - You Get Candy ! Just Don't Be Some Rude Prick, - or all this will go away for another 3 Years !
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>> No. 904
Adding to the previous, for all downloaders.

Using Torbrowser helps to circumvent the restrictions (waiting times, daily byte limits, ea.) many filehosts apply in an attempt by sheer annoyance to enforce the downloaders to buy their services.

As mentioned above, Torbrowser has an option for changing your identity (the apparent one, only :)) ). By doing so the filehost sees you as a different downloader than the one before, so the restrictions set for 'You one minute ago' don't apply anymore. This is also very useful with hosts with very slow download speeds. By pretending to be several different users you can get parallel downloads, even when the host allows only one connection at a time for any specific downloader.

Alas, you are not alone in this business. You might have to change your identity several times before you are clean to go again. This because your current exit node (the apparent user) might have been used recently by someone else.
>> No. 906
File 139827995560.gif - (8.82KB , 350x291 , Yosemite.gif )



moar liek oldmine, amirite?

take your stuff and shovel it.
>> No. 911
Still doesn't answer what "That" set is. Just look over in NN to find Y111 and others. Nothing new here. Move along.

File 139426749499.jpg - (169.73KB , 1600x1200 , M061_Nadya_087_044.jpg )
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>> No. 899
From what I read on their page to open an account they want an active E-Mail address, not that what I'll post of Nadya is in anyway more than NN, But I'm utterly clueless to uploading, and once I decide on a filehost, I'm not sure if I Need to put these out Pic-by-pic - or what, and I'm thinking that I'll need a password to protect it all. I hate to jump right in clueless, fuck it all up Royally, get pissed off and go away forever - if that makes sense
Quite Honestly I Know I'm not alone and sitting on good stuff here, an actual well written " Tutorial " that would help out promising uploaders might find all of us some needed material.
>> No. 905
>>879, >>899
There are now 'tutorials' at >>867, from >>901 onwards.
Don't be so impatient, read them, think about them, and then act appropriately.

As >>885 says, you don't have to register at Zippyshare. You can simply post there, anonimously with Torbrowser.
And yes, Zippy is one of the best hosts: fast, and no annoying restrictions whatsoever.
>> No. 909

File 139822906419.jpg - (279.49KB , 1200x1600 , P4240002.jpg )
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File 139804307783.jpg - (603.42KB , 1400x933 , KatieM44_077.jpg )
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Does anyone this video, please?
>> No. 890

File 137754846665.jpg - (637.31KB , 1200x2945 , 446.jpg )
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Which set is this ? need name from girl
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>> No. 846

thank you.
>> No. 849

shit the file is gone :( can u re-upload elsewhere please?
>> No. 888
OMG...she`s skinny and beautiful and soooo sexy, very yummy, love some videos of her

File 139779595441.jpg - (50.10KB , 720x530 , 431419_282745098461158_690134886_n.jpg )
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cindy is out there
>> No. 884
File 139795361579.jpg - (27.25KB , 314x526 , 216730_141584669243869_5762892_n.jpg )
>> No. 887

File 139771968918.jpg - (118.72KB , 1024x768 , oDaUE.jpg )
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PLZ. Jess-Cp6
>> No. 877
as requested


File 139736789543.jpg - (187.42KB , 1526x1018 , 139721410246.jpg )
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Anyone have sets, thanks

File 139725488721.jpg - (41.32KB , 600x800 , 0551492930.jpg )
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looking for all her vids if anyone has

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