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File 144113774562.jpg - (233.53KB , 1000x1496 , 69907963.jpg )
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Hello, whats the Name of the Girl in front of Picture in black Bodysuite and red neck tie ?
and did she hafe solo sets or Videos?

Thanks for helping
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>> No. 1755
File 144126428871.jpg - (79.18KB , 800x1200 , Karisha-65.jpg )
Fairly similar
>> No. 1756
File 144126476097.jpg - (127.70KB , 800x1200 , Karisha-56.jpg )
The same bikinis as 21, 23 & 32. Different set
>> No. 1757
Here's your last sets: 46-48 + 50. https://www.mirrorcreator.com/files/NYOQ3BMA/Cloey46-48_50.rar_links
All that's missing now is set 49 & Amelia & Friends set 44. And of course vids (if any). I know there are Webe vids, but I don't know about these Russian girls. The other item would be any of these sets>>1744
Well, hope this helps you out. I enjoyed putting this together for you, as Cloey was a very pretty girl

File 143736691233.jpg - (126.97KB , 768x1024 , pic008.jpg )
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Here is Jolien 263 ,thats what I have this incomplete set as.Tell me more! https://www.mirrorcreator.com/files/5KQIEHJC/263_Jolien.rar_links
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>> No. 1734
File 144118886080.jpg - (153.65KB , 768x1024 , Jolien lollipop.jpg )
Well guys, I've got good news & bad news. I found a site that had 60 sets & 17 videos! Most pics were Jolien, a couple were the girl Mikey found, a couple may have been another girl.
The problems were 1 To see any pics except this one, you had to go through a totally long linkbucks-bullshit process.
2 All downloads of EVEN a tiny set totaling 1.75MB is only for premium users.
So I'll post this pic & caps from 1 vid, just so you know I'm on the level.
>> No. 1735
File 144118937081.jpg - (453.07KB , 1536x1523 , jolien009_s.jpg )
I couldn't see her face very close, but that hot body looked like her.
If I feel like putting up with a bunch of annoying fuckin' popups & that infernal goddamn linkbucks, for an hour or so, to get all the preview pics & caps, then I will post them. After all, that would be more pics than what's in the set I posted
>> No. 1750
File 14412462722.jpg - (185.94KB , 768x1024 , Jolien set51 PIC15.jpg )
Since my last 2 posts,>>1734>>1735 I have had quite a turn of events regarding Jolien. 1st, I found a couple of sets that had been removed. Finally, I found several torrents. Most were 1-2 sets, however, the real gem is the 18 vid torrent.
I started them 4hrs ago, & just returned. Sadly, the vids are among those that haven't started. The good news is that a few are up in the 50-75% range, meaning, at the least, we'll end up with a few more partials like my original set.
Here's a preview from one I hope to be able to post soon. I'm very eagerly waiting for this set to finish

File 143492678095.jpg - (98.08KB , 968x644 , tm freya.jpg )
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HELP!!! i've been looking for videos of TeenMarvel Freya(formerly NS Lola) and i only have the Hot Tub video and i was wondering if anybody has any of the newer ones
>> No. 1694
>> No. 1748
Please post her new stuff especially this set!

File 144059183238.jpg - (116.64KB , 754x1024 , 37539357SRE.jpg )
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please have someone set fro this pic ty
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>> No. 1731
File 144116083432.jpg - (91.77KB , 798x1095 , 141381201282.jpg )
... also this...
>> No. 1736
Very interesting & I see there's no logo on your pictures. Also rather than a living room or bedroom, she's in a real studio. Do you happen to recall if she was called Zilla in these pics as well?
>> No. 1747
More of her please!

File 144113824890.png - (577.27KB , 646x453 , 576098341.png )
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what is the name of this Girl , and the name of the Video i know that an other video was postet here with 3 Girls an in this video the girl from my pic. was in the middle hope that anybody can help me thank you
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>> No. 1727
Her name is Violette, from Silver-Stars, Teenmodeling.tv
>> No. 1738
thank you for the infos and to f&g for your videos and links
>> No. 1746
File 144123421526.jpg - (906.64KB , 1000x1400 , silver-jewels-cover_violette-purpledress-3.jpg )
You're welcome! And I neglected to mention that you'll find about 40 of her sets in my silver mega-thread here:


File 144117671362.jpg - (202.87KB , 960x1280 , image.jpg )
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I Loocking for Sweet-cindy Sets. Please post all you have.

File 144113739260.jpg - (187.58KB , 1279x1920 , 209_IMG_3589.jpg )
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Looking for Bianka 165-168, Cherish 256-257, Cutie 258-260, Lolly 350-354, Stella 255-257, Sugar II 320-324, Trixie 301-311
>> No. 1732
I'm looking for them too, by the way what set is that picture from? do you happen to have it?

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can not unlock or expand any of alissa p folders
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>> No. 1670
Don't have a clue wtf your problem is cause I've been using mirror for a long time.
Nothing dangerous there ever,BUT keep an eye if a downloader is offered and then simply unmark that little box.

Why accusing fun&games for posting not working pw for his stuff,are you completely nuts or what.
fun&games have never posted a crappy item as long as I've seen his posts around here & that's a quite long time too.
Saying fun&games have crappy posts,well,if you think you can do it better you're welcome to prove it.

Remember untick ANY box next to a dl button,or you'll get an exe file fors sure.

Enough said AND time to say THANKS fun&games for every post you're doing here or at any other place.
Your posts & Odds&Ends ARE always the posts I'm looking for,always.
>> No. 1686
Hey, thanks for the moral support! Appreciate it. :)
>> No. 1721
Hi fun&games
>>1670 was my post,hmm,got slightly annoyed about the incorrect statement about your posts...

As far as I've know all of your posts are extremely easy & always very iformative.
Passes are always working with any of your files btw,every time;)

File 143920192442.jpg - (53.17KB , 300x300 , image.jpg )
1568 No. 1568 hide quickreply [Reply]
Request more Brandi / Evita Model Sets and Videos
>> No. 1695
>> No. 1715
Had this posted before the server issues, but it looks like it got lost in the restore.

Here is everything I have of Evita (sets 01 to 17) plus a couple of small vids & a few pix from her more revealing sets as Brandi.


Pass = fun&games

If anyone has more, I'd love to see it too! :)
>> No. 1720
I've got sets named A01 and sets named B01....
But they are exactly the same as the ones you've posted here.
In fact those I've mentioned have less pics then the ones you've posted have.
The ones you've posted I've got somehow I've lost then so your post was a welcome one;)
One of the vids,not the silver,I've got from a mysterious file with no pass with it....

Thanks for your post,much appreciated:)

File 14410249281.jpg - (57.75KB , 492x946 , 1440068451239.jpg )
1716 No. 1716 hide quickreply [Reply]
anyone have something about her?

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