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File 140321039480.jpg - (232.17KB , 1200x1800 , HOT-BIKINI-GIRLS-Candy-Gold-Part-1-4.jpg )
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THIS IS NO LONGER Non-nude Request board
FOR Non-nude request please go to >>/nnr/

File 139687897810.jpg - (258.83KB , 1068x1608 , sunshine-254-025.jpg )
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anyone know any news if photographer of sunshine & other models will resume putting sets online or is it the end of these gorgous girls?
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>> No. 1455
so has it been released to media when pavel & photographers when the trial starts?
>> No. 1457
>1 same purple radiator
>2 same pattern (faint) curtain
>3 same red pipe that feeds the raditor

No way on the curtains (brown vs red polkadots), but the rest does appear to match.
>> No. 1458
There's no question that it's Pavels studio that was shown. The picture of the studio set-up is identical to what you can see in several of the Newstar videos.

File 141086616727.jpg - (7.06KB , 180x135 , 0212492_008i.jpg )
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I am looking for the name of this girl or any other materials with her.

there is a video I accidentally found: www.redtube.com/212492
>> No. 1454
Her name is "Damita"


File 141011150369.jpg - (378.56KB , 2203x2937 , Kupton (11).jpg )
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Does anyone have a full rar/zip of the recent celeb sc@ndal? that has J3nn1f3r L@wr3nc3, V1ctori@ Just1c3, and K@te Upt0n.

File 141105554657.png - (48.67KB , 280x280 , webcam.png )
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Nice Webcams...http://jooji.creatuforo.es/chaterbates-f4

File 141081019233.jpg - (362.04KB , 1269x952 , candy-07-05.jpg )
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I've been looking for a very long time sets of these two here, which is lea and the other Candy C & G. Please tell me that you still have sets of the two.
>> No. 1448
File 141083683737.jpg - (241.62KB , 960x1280 , Lea-03-28.jpg )

File 141082866859.jpg - (216.59KB , 1280x960 , vlc.jpg )
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Hey anon, i'm looking for this video in better quality. I know it exist at least in mpg codec. Thanks
Video : http://www.tube8.com/amateur/amateur-girl-in-pink-socks/1628431/

File 141080204341.jpg - (904.75KB , 1000x1500 , aliss.jpg )
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Does anyone have any Alissa galleries from candy dolls?

File 140224102667.png - (930.38KB , 612x858 , asdf.png )
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Please tell me there is more!
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>> No. 1425
where are her videos?
>> No. 1426
She hasn't done any... at least not the type your looking for. And no, I will not post the ones I have for you either, so don't ask.
>> No. 1437
what? dead page?

File 141024054069.jpg - (957.23KB , 1000x1500 , 140807239242.jpg )
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I saw this pic of the beautiful Mika!! Does anyone know anything about this!! I think it's from her VIP set 05!! I would love to see more!! Please, please, pretty please with a cherry on top!!!

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