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File 144377340736.jpg - (38.35KB , 800x430 , gun head.jpg )
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I owe you all an apology. Today after Webmaster's latest reboot I had to again move threads from /nnr/ to /r/ because we decided /nnr/ was redundant and confusing. I had done that manually a couple of days ago and wanted to do it quickly this time, so I tried inserting an asterisk in the thread number slot. Boom. They all vanished from /nnr/ but didn't show up here. So I'm really sorry guys, there were quite some gems there. We'll hopefully make for it quickly provided we don't reboot again for a while.
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>> No. 1923
File 144391004633.jpg - (0.95MB , 2250x1687 , 14145453734.jpg )
Kind of pathetic how management keeps shit talking about someone no longer here to defend themselves.
He worked out very well for a long time, what changed?

File 143901624295.jpg - (20.33KB , 160x250 , 166.jpg )
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Can someone please upload this set?
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>> No. 1632
File 144373530256.jpg - (13.51KB , 133x200 , 314.jpg )
Would anyone happen to have Trixie sets from 311 to 314?
>> No. 1893
Sugar II and Trixie have also worn it in sets. Looks like all the AMS Models will do a set with it eventually.
>> No. 1932
could anyone upload all four sets? some of us don't have any of them. :(

File 143393660340.jpg - (532.67KB , 629x652 , 1138625546.jpg )
1438 No. 1438 hide quickreply [Reply]
Anyone has more?
>> No. 1449
Why would you want more of that?
>> No. 1927
>>1449 That purple plunger should give anyone pause for thought.
>> No. 1940
I hope she takes her glasses off before attempting to insert that plunger, it's bound to make her eyes water.

File 144391013763.jpg - (445.05KB , 1024x576 , boardgraphicbig.jpg )
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/r/ the Guyver back
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>> No. 1937
would the morons there know the difference anyway??
sooo scared always asking is it legit being there.

somehow I don't believe that,would be quite hard to return then.
seen this,almost exactly same post guess what,he returned later AND ended up here as a member of the staff,a bit strange,well;)
naah,another period in orbit then he'll be back again,maybe here or somewhere else.

joking about suicide or death,well,it's up to you BUT some time it's there......
the real END try escaping that one
>> No. 1938
>chans will never be the same without you

... and that's a good thing. Hooray!
>> No. 1944
I agree
180 is already going to hell without him, have you seen the amount of really bad posts and trojans?

File 144262403145.jpg - (237.50KB , 1152x1728 , sgygrmq216.jpg )
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>> No. 1914

Tinymodel Sugar set 309
>> No. 1939
File 144395732351.jpg - (374.75KB , 1152x1728 , catalina-024-048.jpg )
i have catalina in same dres
>> No. 1945
That's definitely not the same.. dress.

File 14439671407.jpg - (7.34KB , 300x169 , i mage.jpg )
1943 No. 1943 hide quickreply [Reply]
anyone got this vid

No. 1629 hide quickreply [Reply]
Anyone happen to see the video and know the pw?

video called "IR2-MSH_006"
>> No. 1941
try this password Turbo-2+ Turbo-1+ 7777777
>> No. 1942
no but it was also posted in this thread on another board:

my guess is that it was fake bc no one followed up on it.

File 14439360889.jpg - (290.59KB , 419x658 , 144177680426.jpg )
1934 No. 1934 hide quickreply [Reply]
I need pics from her. I think her name is Nicole. Please!

File 14438078656.jpg - (121.85KB , 742x1024 , 1441346604217-1.jpg )
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>> No. 1920
was that so hard?
>> No. 1924

So everyone is Guyver now? Guess that is true in a sense. Or was, now this place is just shit like any other chan again.
>> No. 1933
I was thinking the same thing. Guyver had just the right amount of flexibility as far as what he would allow to stay on the board, not letting it go too far but enough to make it exciting. Now it's too strict and the interesting threads are gone for the most part. On a good note, F&G still posts here.

File 144392038539.jpg - (114.19KB , 300x496 , Screenshot_3.jpg )
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Please! I think her name is Valery

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