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File 141705241664.jpg - (132.59KB , 883x569 , 136406463291.jpg )
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File 141425660981.jpg - (89.02KB , 600x800 , giu_02015.jpg )
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Looking for this TPI/WALS girl's name. Sets would be welcome, but even just her name would get me started in the right direction. Thanks!
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whats her name?
>> No. 1528

lol I'll try this again.

Her name is Giuliana. She did work for the agencies Runway 2 division. Her galleries were 54, 55, 56, 63, and 64. OP's pic is from gallery 55
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Pass: bestforumever

File 141625545823.jpg - (697.63KB , 1800x1200 , 1416110850001.jpg )
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pretty certain that this is photoshopped.. but if this set does exist?????
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I wager that you LEA types don't shut a site down right away. You keep it open for as long as possible to trap more and more people. Surprised that your commanding officer didn't tell you this while you were down on your knees in front of him.

And everyone knows that LEA protest the most when confronted. They hate having their cover blown. Relax Detective Dummy. have another donut.
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What's LEA?
Anyway keep telling yourself that. No matter to me, I know who I am.
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LEA? Lawn Endorsement Agony.

File 141818167490.jpg - (114.92KB , 365x500 , Maria.jpg )
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Anyone help with this? That smile!!

File 141760736318.jpg - (503.73KB , 1152x1728 , amanda-164-001.jpg )
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Does anybody have this set from sweet-amy.com

Set 164

File 141757801171.jpg - (76.60KB , 433x800 , 39842795cDr.jpg )
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File 141748218130.jpg - (54.96KB , 552x841 , IMG_12261374352241.jpg )
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I was wondering if someone could xray or photoshop these pics for me.....

File 141748200624.jpg - (39.34KB , 540x540 , IMG_9501912758598.jpg )
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I was wondering if someone could xray or photoshop these pics for me.....

File 141734709765.jpg - (59.62KB , 500x667 , 661206825_7_123_1154lo.jpg )
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Somewhat weird/noobish request perhaps, but I'm looking for other reverse image search sites besides Google/Tinyeye/etc, preferably related to the content on this site. I saw there might of been one called "jpr3" or something to that effect, can't remember where I saw it though so I can't even see if that's a real thing.

Random tit pic as peace offering for any help.

File 141688869790.jpg - (315.35KB , 864x1296 , 1416520260271-2.jpg )
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Anyone have her sets? She's Daiana from We Are Little Stars.
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File 141689905818.jpg - (380.00KB , 864x1296 , dai_004024.jpg )
I second this request. She was one of my favorite Runway 1 models. I only have a few of her set 4 pics. Don't often see her material out there.
>> No. 1602
take a look, 5 Daiana-sets:


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