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File 141442391237.jpg - (334.17KB , 1000x1500 , 2Y0yE7D.jpg )
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Does anyone have this set ?
>> No. 1514
It's at VG.
>> No. 1520
VG means vipergirls

File 141457791888.jpg - (353.00KB , 1000x1400 , 141398019763.jpg )
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Someone have this set ?

In the site the name of set is Candy Wrap 1

File 141384943961.jpg - (140.56KB , 1236x1048 , she.jpg )
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Name and set Any one? please...?
>> No. 1502
its newstar bambi when she was young, pic is either photoshoped or from custom set being which you wont see anymore
>> No. 1515
I have some of these pics but I think are not allowed here. :)
>> No. 1518

You "think"? lol Not sure that you even need to think about it if it's the pics that I'm sure that you have...

File 141332463736.jpg - (573.06KB , 1200x1600 , DSCF0081.jpg )
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This girl definitely has THE LOOK! Anyone know which one she is?
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>> No. 1512

LMAO being on their "adult" site doesn't make them "legal". You really trust an agency who release customs of early teens wearing sheer undies?
>> No. 1516
I trust my eyes and can do math.
Alisa was an early teen when she started in about 2000, not six years later when she was on the webmodels tv site.
If you really think they're illegal, don't post them.
>> No. 1517
"I trust my eyes and can do math."

Yeah.. that really convinces me then, Perry Mason... smh

File 141425660981.jpg - (89.02KB , 600x800 , giu_02015.jpg )
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Looking for this TPI/WALS girl's name. Sets would be welcome, but even just her name would get me started in the right direction. Thanks!
>> No. 1513
Well, I spent a few hours scouring the WB Machine a few nights ago. Left you a long winded reply explaining who she was and what her set numbers were - but once more the Admin and his minions didn't approve my post.

If you plan on coming back here and want the answer, just let me know. I'm getting kind of fed up with some of my posts "getting lost"...

File 141430817542.jpg - (159.81KB , 1365x1024 , 13035508026.jpg )
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File 141400989779.jpg - (97.52KB , 900x1154 , Qtjfv.jpg )
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I am looking for any porn involving one or more girls who SWALLOW/PLAY with CUM from THREE or more guys, age doesn´t matter, as long as legal.

I look for scenes which CANNOT be found elsewhere in the internet.

Don´t try to fool me, I already know most of the stuff out there. Bukkake, gokkun, massive swallows, cum play, ... anthing goes.

If you have anything to offer, please send me a mail with screencaps, price in mind and how you would
like to receive the payment:
thalatte @ inbox.lv
I would pay around twenty bucks for each scene offered, for exceptional porn scenes of course far more.

File 141375213025.jpg - (249.60KB , 1200x1800 , Sharlotta_S10.jpg )
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Anyone have any Sharlotta S sets?

Anyone know how many there are?
>> No. 1501
33 regular sets, and at least one VIP 2 model set with Ziliya. Considering how many VIP sets that have been released since 2008 (211), there's a good chance that she did at least 1 solo VIP set.

File 141383925515.jpg - (97.86KB , 960x720 , IMG_143664349216056.jpg )
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File 141380297262.jpg - (416.53KB , 776x1200 , LOST_MARYANNE_RARE_138928343456.jpg )
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Does anybody know anything about this very rare Mary Anne Set? Mary Anne has about 39 Sets that i know from Curt Newbury Studios, can be found as torrent-download from 2009, but this Set is kind of lost? Probably there are Sets from WEBE-Models too.

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