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File 140198553978.png - (35.32KB , 600x700 , keep-calm-and-stop-shitposting.png )
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Here is a simple guide to posting on 180chan. (If you are new to posting on an imageboard).

DO NOT USE [IMG] http://....url.image [/IMG]
OR [URL] ..... [/URL]


To start a thread use an image, imagehosts ARE ALLOWED and encouraged, usually 3 imagehost preview links for each set up to 10 image host links.

DO NOT POST MULTIPLE THREADS IN A SESSION!!! DON'T BE A BOARDHOG, if you have 4 sets to post don't just scatter them all over the board as each their own thread (I will probably delete them), instead it is recommended you make the other posts as replies to the thread you started or already have going.

Don't post sets in other peoples threads, make your own, you only need one or two threads, unless you post alot, and alot of replies.

Bumping with preview pics is allowed.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 13964134555.png - (39.03KB , 600x700 , keep calm.png )
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Rule 1: Nudity is not allowed, no links to nude sets through fileshares even, or pics of nudity on pic sharing sites.

Nudity includes visible genitals or breasts! See through is not allowed either!

Rule 2: No sexualised images of any person under 18 permitted. No stripping, no lewd activity, this should be common sense.

Rule 3: Report content violating the rules, and specify in the text box next to the report, unless it's glaringly obvious, then just a report will do.

Rule 4: I/we/180chan staff reserve the right to delete any content or comment posted here.
(though this right won't be abused I assure you.)

Linkbucks and Adfly are permitted on this board.

Discussion is allowed, lewd discussion is not allowed.
>> No. 2289
EVERY other UPLOADED.NET post must be accompanied by a mirror, either rapidgator, tusfiles, deposit, livecloud, zippy or etc...

Will be deleting threads that only have UL.TO and uploaded in the coming days... unless i see posters complying with this rule

Livecloudz is now a 45 minute wait between downloads .

Due to abuse of the shortlinks, many shortlinks are now banned words.

File 140593051971.jpg - (433.04KB , 1000x1400 , silver-jewels-cover_Evy-Floralskirt-1.jpg )
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there is no one more beautiful in the world! she is perfect. just need more pictures of her. why is she not more popular? she is the most perfect. love love
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>> No. 10377
Careful mate, you could be considered a stalker.
>> No. 10378
Totally agree. Does anyone have this set?
>> No. 10640
It's alright upping these one-pic wonders, but where's the effing sets?... :P

File 140321226799.jpg - (242.73KB , 1280x960 , emily-21-52.jpg )
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Password is always the models name

Emily 1-26
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>> No. 9875
Hay got new sets of sarah from silver jewels,starlets por teenmodelling?
>> No. 10123
File 140579693654.jpg - (128.30KB , 960x1280 , 012.jpg )
Kuku 1-10
>> No. 10639
File 140630631340.jpg - (232.86KB , 721x574 , svid.jpg )
Another Sarah vid I found recently

File 140311387063.jpg - (39.55KB , 167x250 , folder.jpg )
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Eva Little Kitty
Pass: heaven
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>> No. 10623
File 140628980262.jpg - (37.03KB , 550x413 , hero.jpg )
Seriously that is your mission in life.......
>> No. 10632
Thanks! :)

Yes, some T.M. TV sets, specially from the popular models (namely Alissa) are around 900 Mb or more size, which is kind of ridiculous (a photo set from the same size than a DVDrip film xD) but it doesn´t really matter to me. I always like the original filesize/quality, I don´t know if it is some kind of "collector" issue or what xD

You don´t want the host? Don´t download from there
You don´t want the thumbnails? Don´t see them

Kingfiles is one of the most freeusers friendly host and the thumbnails are properly posted, I don´t understand what you are trying to do unless you want to fuck up everyone here.

You are probably the kind of person who gives bad press to the internet community making it look like is is composed only by antisocial, egoist and ranting persons who only know to moan, bitch and cry like little babies until everyone else thinks/acts like you want.
>> No. 10638
File 140630470042.jpg - (34.80KB , 167x250 , folder.jpg )
Khloe Palm Tree Kini Pt 2
Pass: heaven

File 13985801998.jpg - (541.02KB , 1808x2699 , hadiya_model_good_evil_teenmodeling_tv_001.jpg )
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In the T X T files are links to the target files
All links are worked.
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>> No. 10580
File 140625826295.jpg - (429.04KB , 1002x1500 , Alisa_model_yellowdress.jpg )


pass: ichan
>> No. 10581
File 14062584198.jpg - (494.32KB , 2000x3000 , Alissa_LaceGloves-1.jpg )


pass: ichan
>> No. 10637
File 14063044231.jpg - (956.50KB , 2000x3000 , Amber-chair-1.jpg )


pass: ichan

File 140629860454.jpg - (188.25KB , 675x900 , Katyo-04-010.jpg )
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Never saw this girl on any nn site; quite a load of her >> new thread

sets 001-004


File 140387714041.jpg - (529.67KB , 1728x2592 , 140250254364.jpg )
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Does anyone have there earlier sets? Would much appreciate it, thanks...
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>> No. 9635
The girls pictured are right! They had even earlier set(s) that I'm still looking for? Thanks....
>> No. 9673
Try this link:
>> No. 10633
File 140629847764.jpg - (21.89KB , 200x300 , 14801.jpg )
Here's a sample pic taken from the earlier set(s). I've not seen these anyone have them? They are from TRU GALLERY 148 - MARY & NIKKY - 300 PHOTOS.....

File 140629529838.jpg - (887.75KB , 1452x972 , PR-Model amanda.jpg )
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File 140629511034.jpg - (1.22MB , 2816x1880 , glenda.jpg )
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