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File 150387948994.jpg - (107.15KB , 941x1250 , 755-19112014-1052.jpg )
692 No. 692 ID: 3ebf71 hide [Reply]
100 Shirts


pass = WW
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>> No. 700 ID: cd8e64
Love your work WW but I seemed to have missed this one. Any chance of a reup?
>> No. 701 ID: f970b7
Why do you need op to reup when both the new links are working?
>> No. 702 ID: 552963
File 150600506994.jpg - (202.27KB , 1800x1200 , 01.jpg )
>>7909 - This board if fine for now, unless it bothers you in which case do as you like.

Touchslide - a NN PSP slideshow that some may find amusing -


pass = WW
>> No. 705 ID: 352560
File 150601294870.jpg - (31.77KB , 640x480 , ooh.jpg )
Hats off man you really know what you're doing! The 0:37 and 1:32 and 3:00 photos were so well placed I can't imagine how many pics did you have to go thru to find such matching ones. I also crackled at the "search myself" ones.

There's a thread in the discussion sub http://144chan.org/disc/ asking for new Triforce logos and backgrounds did you consider designing some?
>> No. 707 ID: 89a94d
haha did you notice i close my eyes and get on my knees the girls actually close eyes and get on their knees

File 150183032779.jpg - (316.16KB , 1752x1168 , Sarah-23-099.jpg )
248 No. 248 ID: fc6055 hide [Reply]
10 selected sets https://www.mirrorcreator.com/files/04X6DNUU/SKS.7z_links
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>> No. 272 ID: 49e23a
Does anyone have her nudes?
>> No. 273 ID: 78524a
Sorry officer I didn't catch that...What were you asking
>> No. 274 ID: 3b1b11
Come on Andy, stop pretending you don't have her nudes and post them already.
>> No. 296 ID: dcf1e3

Sure. Post your e-mail address here and I'll get right back to you.
>> No. 706 ID: 3c23e9
File 150601378584.jpg - (124.60KB , 1349x900 , LC-27223.jpg )
Hope we can take a break from downtimes for a while now pw sarahcustoms

Note to mods there's no nudity in the sets. All photos are taken from a nn angle it's purely artistic.

File 150359200163.jpg - (163.08KB , 1024x646 , Nophie.jpg )
353 No. 353 ID: 971d1c hide [Reply]
I'm hooked to little girls ASMR and here are two of my favorites. One is from Zoe ASMR doing arguably very lewd sucking and licking sounds and the other is hair-brushing from an unknown yt girl identifying herself as Nofi.

For those unfamiliar with ASMR the focus is on the calming sounds not visuals so if that's not your cup of tea just move along.

no pass
>> No. 355 ID: 9a762e
>>353 - would love to hear the Zoe vids please
>> No. 376 ID: 486268
here's another Zoe vid but it's not as hot as the one >>353 posted http://www8.zippyshare.com/v/m4aC2cCm/file.html
>> No. 394 ID: 9a762e
>>376 - tyvm sir! Any others would be greatly appreciated.
>> No. 401 ID: 2a8852
File 150391479689.jpg - (7.07KB , 384x288 , Halloween Cat Origami for Kids.jpg )
Very excited to see a loli asmr thread here! This one isn't officially asmr but hope you guys like it. We don't get to see the girl's face but her voice is super cute and soothing.

>> No. 689 ID: b937b7
Bump for Pete's sake. Don't let this thread die.

File 150374916943.jpg - (170.27KB , 1024x752 , Denise.jpg )
377 No. 377 ID: 971d1c hide [Reply]
The most underrated agency ever. Unfortunately no sound for this Denise vid :(
pass SMDenisegstrng
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>> No. 408 ID: 798b3c

His necessity to want to be better than others may reflect his cosmic insecurity by being born and growing in a wealthy region and yet he can not be happy in his life.

Like a woman who is submissive to her husband / boyfriend and "cashes" her existential dissatisfaction with her children, mistreating and repressing any action that reveals more freedom than her own reality.

Or ... He must be just a joker doing black humor with the differences of life. Anyway, the models of School Models, for me, are one of the best of all, a true pantheon of nymphs:

Angel, April, Bianca, Camille, Charlene, Cherry, Denise, Dianne, Donna, Irish, Jade, Jenny, Lizel, Lyca, Maryrose, Michele, Mimi, Nina, Paula, Shane.
>> No. 416 ID: f5192b
Just remember,"Sticks and stones!" Oh and by the way, please continue with the vids. They are fab!
>> No. 417 ID: 2a8852
File 15040172142.jpg - (41.30KB , 640x480 , snapshot.jpg )
Haters gonna hate so let's keep this great thread going. Here's a vid for Denise in a shooting session. The title says Denise with Yumi but there's no other girl.
password: Denise

Please upload any Paula you may have!!
>> No. 686 ID: f970b7
File 150598432941.jpg - (165.01KB , 1024x752 , paula.jpg )
Finally 180 is back.

Password is paulasheerpanties

A bit late to the party but I'd like to share this beautiful Paula vid I found on torrent a long time ago.
>> No. 688 ID: 35a919
File 150599949996.png - (480.68KB , 712x400 , Snapshot_0.png )

File 150598513144.jpg - (104.52KB , 1024x768 , gala-models.jpg )
687 No. 687 ID: 82f49b hide [Reply]

File 150317043981.jpg - (767.32KB , 1900x2850 , oceane-dreams-set30-13.jpg )
476 No. 476 ID: 01a2f5 hide [Reply]
anyone the full set pls?
8 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 486 ID: 1b13fb
File 150384909295.jpg - (186.65KB , 701x1052 , oceane-009-016 corrupt redu.jpg )
My take is 60pics (except set23 =59 images) for sets 1 to 30.
Anyone have a good image of this I posted (corrupt, reduced dimensions).
>> No. 487 ID: d65421
no, but pls post yr sets
>> No. 489 ID: 3a4a61
File 150395912989.jpg - (191.96KB , 1200x1800 , 03256.jpg )
full set pls?
>> No. 490 ID: 7f2c74
File 150396297520.jpg - (624.51KB , 1900x2850 , 28-39.jpg )
>> No. 685 ID: 8cbf89
..and the ones who are able to use this tool

File 150204114052.jpg - (134.20KB , 851x1280 , 177_1000.jpg )
419 No. 419 ID: a81431 hide [Reply]
do you guys have more nude pics/sets of her when she's around this age? I only came across two
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>> No. 454 ID: 983f54
It's lucky that's a fake, if it were real I'd be suffering a severe cardiac arrest right now.
>> No. 455 ID: 7f2c74
Cardiac arrest over ugly Bambi? Rly?
>> No. 456 ID: ff5693
yea the customs were real, a whole lot of fakes were made of the original customs, dont confuse the lame fakes with the original customs.
>> No. 457 ID: 4063f3
its a shadow from her arm , that is real and one of the original customs
>> No. 684 ID: 8cbf89
the arrow points to the line of her body that doesnt fit! you see the montage there

File 150340638476.jpg - (411.21KB , 2000x3008 , BambiNu (5).jpg )
458 No. 458 ID: cc46ce hide [Reply]
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>> No. 464 ID: 6aec6a
File 150352030618.jpg - (636.38KB , 3008x2000 , Fake_Bam.jpg )
>> No. 465 ID: 6aec6a
original and fake.
cant you see them? Diana has a white thongstile thing on and Bambi a pink string bikini.
I removed the tanga and the top.
quick and dirty, but I am not the one who will destroy illousions. believe what ever you want
one example Diana and two Bambi, I can see the pics!

but you are right, I should quitt here.
>> No. 466 ID: 6aec6a
I guess in due to copyright violartion, which I did, sorry. will not do it again.
so you cant see the proofs that I posted.
believe what ever you want, I'm not interested in this topic and I dont want make trouble!
>> No. 467 ID: 4063f3
you dont seem to understand the lame lil fakes are not what the discussion is. The original customs from what the fakes were made is the ones debated as fake, all the original customs are real a few fakes made from those customs are not.
>> No. 683 ID: 5f8d7a
I like it!

File 150394738977.jpg - (39.09KB , 511x768 , 127358845613.jpg )
468 No. 468 ID: 8710b8 hide [Reply]
This Set anyone ?
2 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 471 ID: 6d0b11
File 150401630075.jpg - (122.26KB , 1024x644 , katrin.jpg )
here's an awesome katrin vid https://www.mirrorcreator.com/files/QLKJ9CBF/1night.7z_links pw bangcock
>> No. 472 ID: 8710b8
File 150402195795.jpg - (293.22KB , 1555x2333 , 131880699453.jpg )
I just have random singles - anyone have her full sets ?
>> No. 473 ID: 8710b8
File 150402198332.jpg - (428.23KB , 682x1024 , 131552195192.jpg )
>> No. 474 ID: 8710b8
File 150402204990.jpg - (643.45KB , 1555x2333 , 12737799472.jpg )
" Bankok " Photoset ?
>> No. 682 ID: 7ad9f1
File 150590562156.jpg - (286.82KB , 1540x2309 , 6000.jpg )
some of her sets uploaded to https://144chan.org/mir/res/358.html

File 150402399016.jpg - (466.84KB , 1223x1045 , LARA BITCH.jpg )
681 No. 681 ID: 57779f hide [Reply]

File 150401466280.png - (492.43KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2017-08-29-09h50m07s721.png )
690 No. 690 ID: e3a6dd hide [Reply]
>> No. 691 ID: d1b39a
I'd for one would like to see more youtube or webcam girl vids. Models are great and everything but a little change won't hurt.

File 150401485856.jpg - (334.50KB , 1068x1608 , Nicole (2).jpg )
703 No. 703 ID: e3a6dd hide [Reply]

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