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File 141160030079.jpg - (45.55KB , 540x720 , 526191.jpg )
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Nonudes Paraguaya
Katia 16yo

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>> No. 2521
File 141342122953.jpg - (103.30KB , 800x600 , 01.jpg )
Elin 13yo
Paraguaya nonude

>> No. 2576
File 141375656577.jpg - (156.94KB , 800x781 , 45.jpg )
Elin 14yo
Paraguaya Nonude

>> No. 2578
File 141375755463.jpg - (104.19KB , 960x720 , 00000000000.jpg )
Elin 15yo


File 141375750465.jpg - (212.85KB , 996x1586 , PREVIEW-01.jpg )
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Vlad Models | Anya (m073)

Full Galleries | Resolution: 1200x1600

SET 063: http://www.shorte.info/zsTi7
SET 064: http://www.shorte.info/AsrsT
SET 065: http://www.shorte.info/64KRw
SET 066: http://www.shorte.info/gyvTg
SET 067: http://www.shorte.info/26Uu8

File 141374321685.jpg - (255.68KB , 1000x1500 , PREVIEW-01.jpg )
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TPI | Tatty | Full Galleries

HD Pictures | Resolution: 2000x3000

SET 105: http://www.shorte.info/bOyr2
SET 110: http://www.shorte.info/Ps9zJ
SET 115: http://www.shorte.info/bZKhM
SET 121: http://www.shorte.info/NHCQC

File 141305388164.gif - (1.55KB , 150x51 , show-stars_net site logo.gif )
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The old thread passed the boards 200 post limit so i guess it's time to start a new one and repost the links. Can i remind people to please keep this thread clean, nn only please! I don't wish this thread or the board to disappear, there are reasons places like this have these rules, usually so they don't come under pressure from hosting companies, so please respect the rules. If you have custom tl content you wish to share please post it somewhere more suitable.

Admin/Mods if there is anything posted that you deem to be unsuitable, could i kindly ask that you edit the post and remove the offending link rather than the whole post if i have included multiple links in it. Thank you for providing us with this place to share.

A huge thank you to litanglvr for starting and keeping the last thread going and providing a place for lickthelolly to provide us with some rare gems, i'm making the following effort by way of thanks and in the hope that ltl and others can provide us with a few more fills, many thanks to anyone who can provide any of the 40+ standard videos still missing, it is very much appreciated.

I have been through every link on the old thread and found them all still to be up, thanks for using mirror sites! I will be compressing the 200 posts down to about 10, providing the original links with new previews, i have excluded some links i deem to be in breach of the rules. I will be uploading and adding around 10 new links to content not in the last thread and may be able to post a few more at a later date, though much of it has been posted in previous threads here. Look out for anything with the password ###JUST_ADDED###.

I will not be including any links from the old thread for models that i believe featured not on the showstars domains but on the later 1studio.org domain (namely the dark-haired Gala and Gina). I plan to start a separate thread soon as i have a few others i can add.

The following showstars models are not included in my posts below as nothing from them has yet been posted here and i only have previews or unpostable content from them. To my knowledge none of them produced videos that were on general sale in
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>> No. 2543
Don't care. post without problems. I think this rule is stupid. it's not CP.
>> No. 2556
Anyone have Jenny in gold dress and Hana in gold dress?
>> No. 2568
File 141373916479.jpg - (147.51KB , 1200x1600 , DSCF0044.jpg )
A few more of Anya's (aka Oxi) sets that are within the rules.

sets 32, 34 - 39, 41 http://www.mirrorcreator.com/files/Q0ZJWSOY/Vy148_3241.rar_links
Pw: litanglvr

>>2524 >>2538 >>2543 Read the board rules:
"Rule 1: Nudity is not allowed, no links to nude sets through fileshares even, or pics of nudity on pic sharing sites.

Nudity includes visible genitals or breasts. See through is not allowed either."

Your (or my) personal opinion about the rule does not matter. I, and other posters have had posts not approved, or removed, for pushing that rule to far.

Why waste my time uploading and posting material that will not be allowed here? And maybe get banned in the process.

>>2556 Hana gold dress is tl, not allowed.
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File 140826693615.jpg - (36.66KB , 675x884 , 760b7a1d.jpg )
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>> No. 1501
Very Nice. More Please!
>> No. 1516
>> No. 2564
hotttt! deutsch?

File 141367480954.jpg - (71.78KB , 600x921 , zh6.jpg )
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File 141016757475.jpg - (122.79KB , 898x1056 , 2669.jpg )
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dump what you got
>> No. 2461
File 141322152039.jpg - (183.89KB , 450x600 , 0085-131765543658.jpg )
>> No. 2547
>> No. 2559
File 141366972249.jpg - (88.65KB , 612x1128 , 3858dfa3.jpg )

File 141247174484.jpg - (243.87KB , 864x1296 , preview.jpg )
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WALS - Luana - Beach Sets

SET 007: http://www.shorte.info/RWYwz
SET 013: http://www.shorte.info/Ch8ZU
SET 019: http://www.shorte.info/YQO8z
SET 025: http://www.shorte.info/1Mm5s
SET 031: http://www.shorte.info/xK3Si
SET 037: http://www.shorte.info/yUJ4Y
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>> No. 2464
More please!
>> No. 2508
File 141339806639.jpg - (175.45KB , 830x1274 , PREVIEW-3.jpg )
More Full Galleries:

SET 069: http://www.shorte.info/4prJI
SET 081: http://www.shorte.info/O9mtg
SET 084: http://www.shorte.info/tuCGr
SET 088: http://www.shorte.info/vAj0l
SET 093: http://www.shorte.info/XtjS3
SET 094: http://www.shorte.info/2CwHe
>> No. 2558
can i download all files of each set at once?

File 140275398326.png - (935.14KB , 1001x783 , Evie-screen-caps.png )
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some pretty hot dance vids
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>> No. 1890
What the pass for these?
>> No. 2505
pass is S_Oteric for most of the Nornar files
>> No. 2550
I keep getting 'wrong ip' - anyone else run into this?

File 141358223440.jpg - (111.22KB , 800x1324 , PREVIEW.jpg )
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Anastasia And Yulia | Skirts


>> No. 2545
File 141358262672.jpg - (132.22KB , 800x1324 , PREVIEW.jpg )
Anastasia And Yulia | Fashion



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